Sunday, October 19, 2014

TM again fails to restore service within 24 hours... 3 days now (and not even a call or SMS updating the consumer)?

Again, TM's internet and phone service disruption since 16 October 2014 - 72 hours now {Not even a call from the TM Technician]

When we call and inform, the assurance is within 24 hours - but then ....

The same thing happened on 16 September 2014 - and we got back the service only after 9 days - after I finally complained to the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia [2 hours after the complaint, 3 calls came from Telekom, the contractor and the service was back.... in a day

8 days without Internet/Phone - Telekom Malaysia Inefficient? - Informed Ministry - Hope service is restored soon

TM fails to restore phone/internet service to kampung folks - 6 Days and still waiting??

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But this time, when I tried to get access to the Ministry/s compaint page, I saw this 

The Page Requested Temporary Not Available For Access We are encountering some error while accessing the page requested. Kindly contact your system administrator and provide us with the following key,
We apologies for any inconvenience causes.  

So, I had to use the FEEDBACK PAGE, and hope that the person responsible tells the Minister:-  "Please communicate my complaint to the relevant department... "

After calling 100, we find that not even an SMS or a phone call from TM or their technician when they cannot restore service before the lapse of 24 hours. To date, no call back.


When service is disrupted, when people call the number, they hear the phone ringing and no one is picking it up - at least TM should insert a phone message to state that there is a phone service disruption message = if not the impression people get is that we are avoiding calls - so rude.

Please exert pressure on TM to immediately restore service - the affected phone number of mine is 09 - 2777 267.

BILLING - TM should immediately provide rebates/deduction of the Bills when service disruption is longer than 24 hours - now, they require us to again call 100 and deal with the Billing Department. TM knows when these disruption happens, so there is no logic for the consumer to have to call again to claim these rebates/deductions...

The problem with 'cable cuts' is getting frequent - wonder whether this has got any correlation with the contractors of TM. Are they indirectly doing this, to generate more work - more income - and maybe even better payments for subsequent contracts. Why is there a rise of phone cable thefts?

Surely, it is not too difficult for the police to investigate this. Who buys phone cables? Since there is only TM - it may only be purchased by TM and/or some of its contractors. A check with their acquisition and usage records would be able to eliminate the innocent...

Copper in the cable - well, again people who buy copper and materials found in phone cables is limited...

So, it is reasonable for the police to be able to speedily investigate and come up with positive results.

BURY the TM Cables - that will make thefts more difficult - maybe a solution to resolving this issue...

UNIFORMS and vehicles marked clearly as TM - now many of these contractors are using no uniform and have no specifically marked vehicles - so when we see people climbing the TM poles, we really would not know whether they are officially TM staff - or some 'cable thief' or saboteur

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