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Why is MAS which may cease all operations on 31/8/2015 appointing new Chief Operations Officer? Media Fumble?

MAS - well people are getting confused...

MAS was the term used to describe 'Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad', the company who is still running Malaysian Airlines until at least 31/8/2015, and now the airlines is in trouble .... MAS has just sent termination letters to all its employees on 1st June - whereby they have all allegedly been told that their last date of employment will be 31/8/2015 - Merdeka Day. (See the Bernama News report below, that appeared in New Straits Times on 14/6/2015)

Thereafter, Malaysian airlines business will all be handed over to a new company - Malaysian Airlines Berhad, which properly should be called MAB - to avoid confusion with  'Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad'. 

Then a BERNAMA report comes out in Star on 18/6/2015 - saying that MAS will be appointing a new Chief Operations Officer - and one becomes confused, as what will Peter Bellow be doing in 'Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad', which will most likely cease operations on 31st August. Further, since the Administrator has been appointed for MAS since 25/5/2015, the power to hire and terminate rests with the Administrator...Under administration, would it not be the administrator that is doing the hiring and firing? 

Malaysian Airlines really is owned now by the government of Malaysia, vide Khazanah Nasional. What is happening is that they are really moving the airline assets from 'one pocket to another' but it is really still the same pants. 

The MAS ('Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad') has sent letters to all its employees terminating them with effect from 31/8/2015. And, the other company, Malaysian Airline Berhad has apparently picked and chosen some and offered them employment in the airlines begining 1/9/2015.

This move of shifting the entire airline business from 'one pocket to another' will also result in the death of all MAS (Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad)'s in-house unions. The only union that will survive will be the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia(NUFAM). Now NUFAM was successful in the secret ballot, and the Minister has made the decision that NUFAM is a recognized union in MAS - and it is MAS that is challenging the Minister's decision by applying for Judicial Review in the High Court. 

He(Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai)said Nufam was not a recognised association and MAS would not conduct any discussion with an unrecognised organisation. 

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai must really check his facts before alleging that NUFAM is not a recognized 'association' (hello - it is a trade union). In fact, MAS(the private company) is challenging the government's decision - the Minister's decision? So, why is a member of the cabinet making such statements - he should check his facts. Until the High Court quashes the Minister's decision, NUFAM is a recognized union in MAS. MAS may have got an interim order preventing NUFAM exercising all its rights(or some rights) as a recognized union - but that is all until the High Court makes its final decision.

The High Court, I believe, has yet to make any final decision since all cases involving MAS has come to a stand still whilst MAS is under administration, unless the Administrator says otherwise. If, what is planned with regard the transfer of all assets and business to the new company, MAB. happens on 1/9/2015 - MAS thereafter will be with no employees or assets, and the case will most likely never proceed as the outcome is no longer of any use. 

So, why is MAS employing a new Chief Operations Officer(COO) now, after it has sent termination letters to all employees? Note Malaysian Airlines is still under 'Malaysian Airlines Systems Berhad' - not yet taken over by Malaysian Airlines Berhad. Maybe, the new COO was appointed by MAB - but that is also odd and early since MAB is expected to take over only on 1/9/2015, is it not?

Media, especially BERNAMA (our National News Agency) must be clear in its reporting - if it is MAB that is doing the appointing, then say so. If it is MAS, then say that clearly. Saying simply that it is Malaysian Airlines appointing is vague and also incorrect. The airlines cannot appoint, only MAB or MAS can do hiring and firing of employees.

Generally private companies can do whatever they want - and we are not bothered. But MAS that is currently running the Malaysian Airlines, and MAB who may be taking over the business of running the airlines on possibly 1/9/2015 really belongs to all Malaysians, and so we are bothered. As Malaysians, we should not just be concerned about just business and profits - but also the people, the employees and also their unions.

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MAS appoints Peter Bellew as chief operations officer

Thursday, 18 June 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has appointed Peter Bellew as its chief operations officer (COO) effective Sept 1.

Bellew will join MAS from Ryanair (Irish low-cost carrier), where he has served in roles with increasing responsibility since 2006. 

“Most recently, he was the director of flight operations for up to 72 bases, operating a total of 320 aircraft,” said MAS in a statement on Thursday.

Bellew was also previously head of sales and marketing at Ryanair where he played a pivotal role in introducing new customer service initiatives, pan-European TV advertising, and positive press relations contributing to record sales. - Bernama - The Star, 18/6/2015

Govt wants Mas operations to run smoothly: Liow
14 June 2015 @ 8:50 PM

Malacca: The government wants the Malaysian Airlines System Berhad (MAS) operations to be smooth-running and unaffected by the company’s restructuring. 

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said currently, the restructuring of MAS did not affect the company operations due to the high commitment of its manpower.

 “Personally, I want MAS’ operations to run smoothly because it is very important for the country. To date, there are no problems with MAS’ operations. 

 “I am happy to note that all MAS personnel are giving tremendous support and commitment to ensure the operations of MAS are running smoothly in serving the people,” he told a media conference after opening the MCA Tangga Batu division annual general meeting here. 

On June 1, MAS started a significant new phase in its restructuring programme by terminating 20,000 personnel. Of the total, 14,000 were offered to join the new entity, Malaysian Airline Berhad 

Liow urged MAS personnel or associations representing staff involved in the termination of service to channel their problems or questions via the right channels. 

On a plan by the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) to hold a strike, following the termination of service of MAS personnel, Liow said MAS had lodged a police report on the matter. 

He said Nufam was not a recognised association and MAS would not conduct any discussion with an unrecognised organisation. 

Meanwhile, on a MAS aircraft which performed an emergency landing at the Melbourne Airport, Australia on June 12, after receiving a false alarm on its engine fire, Liow said it was a standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure safety of its passengers.

“MAS has good safety record, the action by the pilot was correct and followed the SOP. 

Flight MH148 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur had 300 passengers and crew. – BERNAMA

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