Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Will the government and political parties response to Malaysians facing execution be dependent on ethnicity and religion?

Singapore may be executing a Malaysian - what is the Malaysian government response? What is the response of the various political parties.

He is probably just a 'drug mule' - and Malaysia clearly wants to abolish the death penalty for such persons - they certainly do not deserve the death penalty...

Is the Malaysian political party response simply based on the ethnicity and/or religion of the victim about to be executed in a foreign country. Remember, when a young Muslim girl was about to be executed in China some years back, both PAS and UMNO was active in trying to save her life...

PAS to pay travel costs for detained woman's dad 

Kelantan PAS plans to pay travel costs and legal expenses for Mohamad Lazim, 50, father of Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim who is now detained in Guangzhou, China after she was sentenced to death by the High Court there for smuggling heroin...."Of course, we are concerned for any Malaysian citizen to be facing the gallows overseas. We would study where we can accord help," he[Pasir Puteh Umno division head Datuk Kamaruddin Md Noor] said.

Parents visit death row girl (37 Malaysians convicted of or awaiting trial for drug-related offences in China)

Malaysian vice-consul Haniah Mohd Adenan, a local staff member of the consulate and officials from the Foreign Affairs Department accompanied the couple to the camp, located 470km from here...
PAS Supporters Club chairman Hu Pang Chaw, who acted as interpreter, was among those accompanying the couple from Kota Baru.

So, what will the Malaysian government, UMNO, PAS and other political parties response in the case of  S Prabagaran?


Singapore, Malaysia lawyers race against clock to save Malaysian from hangman

 | January 8, 2017
S Prabagaran is to be executed in Singapore before the end of the month for trafficking drugs in the island republic.
Singaporean M Ravi, founder of the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign
Singaporean M Ravi, founder of the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian S Prabagaran, 29, is doomed to the gallows for trafficking drugs in neighbouring Singapore in 2012 and is set to be executed in a couple of weeks.

But a prominent Singaporean lawyer and two of his Malaysian counterparts are racing against the clock to save his life.

Singaporean M Ravi, who founded the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign is working with human rights lawyers Latheefa Koya and N Surendran to stop Prabagaran’s execution.

Both Latheefa and Surendran are members of PKR. Surendran is also the Padang Serai MP.
According to Singapore website The Independent, the Malaysian lawyers may file for a judicial review in the Kuala Lumpur High Court for an order to compel Putrajaya to file an immediate complaint at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). 
They hope that this would save Prabagaran from being “unlawfully executed” under customary international law, on account of a breach of his right to a fair trial in Singapore.

Ravi also said he met with Malaysia’s ambassador-at-large for human rights Shafee Abdullah and briefed him on his ICJ memorandum addressed to the Malaysian government.

Anti-death penalty activists in Singapore say that Prabagaran has maintained his innocence and helped Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau to disrupt drug activities. He is waiting for the result of his clemency petition to the Singapore President.

“If the Public Prosecutor so certifies, and if the offender is also merely a courier, then the sentencing judge has the discretion to impose life imprisonment in lieu of the death penalty,” said Ravi.

Both Singapore and Malaysia have strict anti-drug laws which can carry the death penalty. - FMT News, 8/1/2017

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