Friday, May 11, 2018

GE - A PAS Menteri Besar for Perak?

PAS State Assembly persons(ADUNs) have a very important decision to make in Perak and Kedah, given the fact that Pakatan Harapan failed to secure simple majority - noting that normally a Menteri Besar must enjoy the confidence of the majority of the ADUNs to be appointed.

Remember that what the law requires is that the Menteri Besar is the ADUN that enjoys the confidence of the majority of the ADUNs  in the State Legislative Assembly...

In Kedah, in the 36 state seats contested, PKR won 18, PAS 15 and BN three, while in Perak, PKR won 29 seats, BN 27 and PAS three out of 59 state seats.
Well, Kedah has already sworn in their Menteri we shall discuss Perak.

PAS Menteri Besar for Perak?

Well, that is a real possibility - as was stated, all that is needed is the confidence of the majority of the ADUNs. Further, our historical experience of a PAS Menteri Besar for Perak for the short time that Pakatan Harapan previously was good - with democratic elections for kampung  and kampung leaders, but alas thanks to 'party hopping' - the State reverted to BN.

A PAS Menteri Besar - would also put other Pakatan Harapan ADUNs always playing an important role of monitoring to ensure that nothing done is wrong or unjust. 

A PAS ADUN in State Exco - Ability to know and highlight wrongs immediately - even it is implemented?

Either way, even if PAS ADUNs express their confidence in someone from Pakatan Harapan to be Menteri Besar - PAS will always retain the POWER to ensure that the right thing is done by the Menteri Besar and the State Executive. Remember, as and when a Menteri Besar loses the confidence of the majority of ADUNs, he has no choice but to resign or try to get the consent of the Sultan to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly leading to another State Elections.

PAS's power also means that the person chosen to be Menteri Besar is a person acceptable to PAS values and principles...which is also justice and human rights...

If PAS throws its support to PH's candidate - PAS could also insist on a position in the State Exco. WHY? This will primarily also be for the purpose of monitoring the MB and EXCO actions - something that may not be possible if one is only a ADUN in the State Legislative Assembly as they are not meeting all the time - only during certain times. Being in the EXCO is thus an important issue, which allows PAS to be able to act immediately before it is too late.

PAS - A lot of 'misunderstanding' and even confusion in practice

PAS - They have been talking much about 'according to Islam' - but honestly one must acknowledge that almost all major religions share common understanding with regard to justice, fairness and even human rights. 

PAS, over the years, have only been famous [or infamous] about the implementation of Islamic Laws - primarily the Islamic Criminal Laws (which many non Muslims wrongly refer to as 'the HUDUD laws' - which they associate with cutting of limbs, stoning to death, etc..) - In any event, PAS has ruled in Kelantan for some time - what are the different method of governing the State that is different from that practiced in other States and the Federal Government that 'is in accordance to Islam'? Does Kelantan even have kampung/taman or local community elections - well, they still follow the UMNO-BN and PH style of simply 'appointing' leaders/reps to represent the interest and well being of kampungs or 'local communities', which is most disappointing.

PAS - the issue of RUU355 have been misread or misunderstood by many Malaysians, Muslim and non-Muslims. What RUU 355 was trying to do was to allow that State government to have the capacity of imposing a higher punishment for existing Syariah law crimes. Now, the Federal government by law, LIMITS the maximum sentence when it comes to fines, imprisonment and 'whipping' that can be imposed by the State government for Islamic crimes - RUU355 was simply trying to increase this maximum limit - that is all. RUU355 was not about asking for different forms of already permissible punishments - not asking for 'cutting of limbs' and certainly not even asking for the 'death penalty'. RUU355 specifically states that they are NOT asking  for the Death Penalty... In fact, a question should be raised, whether it is right for the Federal Government to LIMIT the powers of State when it comes imposing sentences for State Islamic laws? Note, that the Federal Government has been increasing or reducing sentences for crimes in Federal laws - mostly increasing. Should maximum permissible sentence for Islamic law crimes that States could impose also be increased - then it will be up to the State government's to decide whether to increase(or decrease) sentences according to the will of the people in that particular State.

PAS - Should it support UMNO-BN?

Honestly, that is not an option - To simply restore a BN Menteri Besar and government is 'illogical' - since the very reason why PAS was contesting was because it was most unhappy with the way UMNO-BN was doing things. To restore the immediate past government is not an option.

It is logical to support a DIFFERENT new government of PH - but when, and if they act wrongly in the future, PAS has every right to withdraw its support - forcing a change of Menteri Besar and government, even a new Elections.





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