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Wan Azizah's using government jet scandal? A 'Najib-like' Silence in the face of allegations?

25/5/2018 - The issue was raised about the use of a 'government jet' by Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah, her spouse Anwar and 2 daughters to go to Kota Bharu to meet the Kelantan royalty 

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Wan Azizah must apologize and pay full cost of using government jet?

Now, when the issue of billions of ringgit being found in a personal bank account of the then Prime Minister Najib was raised, his response seem to be 'silence' and/or a lack of explanation. There was no speedy response by him explaining and clarifying matters ...and Malaysians were generally disappointed with this silence and lack of explanation by Najib, our Prime Minister...

Comparatively, Lim Guan Eng was quick to make a response and provide an explanation...

Now, there is this questionable issue of the use of a 'government jet' by our Deputy Prime Minister, Wan Azizah... and, sadly, I believe, we have again not heard any response or explanation from Wan Azizah personally ...Is she behaving just like Najib?

Everyone is happy and elated by the loss of the UMNO-BN, and the advent for a NEW Federal government and in most Malaysian States...BUT as the same time, we need to monitor our NEW leaders in government is so easy for them now in power to slip into the old bad ways and practices of the former UMNO-BN government....easier still for these new leaders of Pakatan Harapan, who had a former history in being in UMNO-BN leadership and/or even Cabinets.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY - Wan Azizah must really just be 'honest' and transparent in this issue of 'using government jet'...If she made a 'mistake', it is best that she just explain and apologize...the option of keeping just not an option open to our new PH leaders, especially our new DPM.

Wan Azizah - Speak up, clarify and explain yourself...Nurul Izzah spoke up trying to justify...but it was lame(in my opinion)...Anwar also spoke about it but did not really provide an explanation.

Anwar Ibrahim, he may be the Pakatan Harapan agreed and proposed next Prime Minister(although it is not what the people has agreed it?), but he is not the DPM or a member of the current government - so, it still must be Wan Azizah that must answer...

I had looked at Anwar's comment - firstly, he speaks about the Johor Sultan providing a jet to go see the Johor Sultan...but we are talking about the trip to see the Kelantan royal family in Kota Bharu. Even when he spoke...he moves quickly to 'joke about' his new role he finds himself in as spouse to DPM ...Entertaining but not really an answer to the question of using the 'government jet' to Kelantan, is it?

 Anwar explains private jet and jokes about role reversal - YouTube

Anwar also in another report shifts the  blame(or onus to explain) to DPM Wan Azizah -  For my trip to meet Yang di-­Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V in Kota Baru, the aircraft was for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and not me. I only tagged along as the husband.

So, there you have it - itis  for DPM Wan Azizah to explain. Husband Anwar just tagged along. 

Wan Azizah must now explain why she used the 'government jet' - how much it cost us Malaysians? Why did she bring along the husband and 2 kids? Was it official visit as DPM - or was is because she was PKR President...or simply in her capacity of 'wife' of Anwar?  All we need is a PROMPT HONEST AND TRANSPARENT EXPLANATION...we do not want a 'Najib-like' silence in the face of allegations of suspected wrongdoings?

Wan Azizah also needs to explain the reason for the visit - was it simply a 'sosial' visit. If it was an 'official visit' by the DPM, what was it about? Odd that the 2 kids also went in the trip - and were there anyone from her office? 

Of late Wan Azizah came about to dispel the rumour about the wedding of Nurul Izzah...good, but what about the explanation of that trip 'using the jet'...???

Usage of government jets for personal reasons by members of the administration or those holding public office is WRONG in my opinion.

Now, that members of the Cabinet are taking pay cuts to help Malaysian economy - odd that government jets (which are very expensive) are being used by the DPM.

GOVERNMENT JETS - What is the Pakatan Harapan government's position? Who can use and when?

Oddly, the Opposition criticized the use of government jets by Najib, Rosmah, etc fact, the number of jets currently owned by Najib's government was also criticized.

Now, that Anwar raised the issue of the Johor Sultan sending his personal jet - One wonders whether it is ultimately Malaysians that are also paying for these jets or 'private' jets of the Sultan.

Maybe, PM Mahathir should clarify matters...maybe Anthony Loke, the Transport Minister, should...

Malaysians suffered high cost of living, the removal of subsidies, the cut in allocations to schools, etc is a big scandal if the NEW Pakatan Harapan leaders are also now simply continuing to travel using 'government jets'(which will also include jets held by the various Ministries and even the RMAF?)

It is sad that many media are also not demanding an answer...



RMAF aircraft was for my wife, not me, says Anwar

BUTTERWORTH: He was merely tagging along as Deputy Prime Minister’s husband when he got on board a Royal Malaysian Air Force aircraft, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The PKR leader told a crowd at the Pidato Perdana DSAI event in Seberang Jaya here on Friday night that the trip “was a reversal of role 20 years ago”. 

“For my trip to meet Yang di-­Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V in Kota Baru, the aircraft was for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and not me. I only tagged along as the husband.

“These days, I follow the Deputy Prime Minister as I am the husband,” he said. 

Anwar, who was the deputy prime minister from 1993 to 1998, said in jest that “she (Dr Wan Azizah) asked me why am I complaining as she never complained when she followed me”.

It was a sweet homecoming for Anwar to Permatang Pauh after his release from prison last week.

This time, he took a Firefly commercial jet.

Flying coach: Anwar walking towards the aircraft bound for Penang. — Photo taken from Facebook
Flying coach: Anwar walking towards the aircraft bound for Penang. — Photo taken from Facebook 

Anwar first became Permatang Pauh MP in 1982. He held on to the seat until Dr Wan Azizah took over in 1999 when he was jailed.

The seat has been in the family since, alternating between the husband and wife.

At GE14, their daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar won the seat.

Taking to the stage at about 11.30pm, Anwar also took the opportunity to respond to criticisms on social media about his trip to Johor on a personal jet.

“Some criticised that I travelled on a personal jet even though I do not hold any post, which is true.

“However, it’s not a chartered one. The plane belongs to the Sultan of Johor and I can also take any of you if you are interested,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Anwar said the Sultan of Johor told him that he could use the jet to visit him and back.

Meanwhile, on his Facebook, Anwar uploaded photos of him in a blue baju melayu going through airport security, walking towards the aircraft and sitting in the commercial plane’s cabin.

“This morning I took a normal commercial aircraft to Penang. Not (an) official jet. This is the diffe­rence between official duties ac­­com­panying the Deputy Prime Minister and personal duties,” he wrote on his Facebook. - Star, 27/5/2018



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