Sunday, January 27, 2008

RELA - cheaper to use volunteers that to employ more police, immigration enforcement personell, etc...????

Malaysia have a lot of volunteer corps - we have volunteer police corps, volunteer (reserved) army, the rukun tetangga ( a community based volunteer corp who, amongst others patrolled areas around the community - and of course reduced crime rate in the community..) what is this making-a-big-deal of RELA members fighting crime by patrolling - is this not just an exercise now to clear the image of this particular "volunteer corp" - who was found to be very naughty in their dealings with foreigners - migrants and/or refugees, and even citizens. People allegedly died by reason of RELA.

I think it is OK if they are limited to patrolling neighborhoods - but then do we not have the Rukun Tetangga?

To "...assist the police and the Fire and Rescue Department..." what we need is more volunteer police personell and volunteer Fire and Rescue Department personell - no need for RELA.

Is there a need to have this now 500,000 strong RELA in excistence - does it have a "political agenda" - to assist to keep the BN in power. Is it just a mechanism to help our growing "unemployed" and/or "poor-incomed workers" - for after all at one time (if not still) there was this catch a migrant and get paid policy.

If there is a lack of immigration officers and/or police personell - then the government must just take in more public servants..... ooops that means commitment, regular salary, social security, pension/EPF, SOCSO/PERKESO... and security of tenure until retirement age..... might as well just save money and avoid responsibility by just using these 'volunteers', who are paid allowance, which we can get rid of when we do not need them anymore. I wonder ...


Rela members to help in fight against crime
By : K. Harinderan
Datuk Tan Chai Ho says the image of the corps is being improved with training
Datuk Tan Chai Ho says the image of the corps is being improved with training

KUALA LUMPUR: After helping to reduce crime in Cheras, Rela will be roped in nationwide to help fight the rising crime rate.

The number of burglaries and motorcycle thefts in Cheras has gone down since the People's Volunteer Corps began night patrols in apartment complexes and housing estates in the large suburb.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Tan Chai Ho said: "Over 490,000 Rela members nationwide can offer better security and assist the police in controlling the crime rate and improving public safety."

The first 250-member Rela Elite Squad was formed here last month and has been trained in enforcement and rescue skills.

The squad will assist the police and the Fire and Rescue Department in emergencies in all states.
Tan, who is Bandar Tun Razak Member of Parliament, was speaking at the installation of a 71-member Rela team at the Permai Flats in Sungai Besi yesterday.

Asked to comment on recent claims that Rela volunteers were indisciplined and had violated the human rights of migrant workers, he said the number of complaints had reduced significantly in the last six months.

"The image of the corps is being improved with training, focusing on the areas of discipline and integrity in serving the public," he said.

He added that Rela will soon be governed by the new Rela Act which is in the final stages of preparation. It will be tabled in parliament by the end of the year.

The law will enable the corps to operate as a full government department, operating independently of the Home Affairs Ministry.

Presently, Rela falls under the Emergency (Stipulated Powers) Act, 1964.

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