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No more political appointees in Local Councils, JKKK...but democratically elected peoples' representatives?

Political Appointees will be removed - and really should be replaced with democratically elected people's representatives, and this should happen also at the Local Councils and also in the JKKK(and also Kampungs, Kampung Barus and Taman).

The government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 "political appointees" hired by the previous government, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
No use, if Pakatan Harapan just simply replace UMNO-BN 'political appointees' with new Pakatan Harapan 'political appointees'. But alas, our Selangor Pakatan Harapan government  is doing just this...meeting with the Pakatan Harapan component parties, to allocate the number of seats which  each of the 4 component parties will place their own 'political appointees' 

Problem with 'political appointees' especially at Local Councils, and the different local communities is that they are simply not what the people want as their representatives - simply what the State/Federal government want to place(irrespective of the people's feelings) as the people's representative.

State/Federal government can put their 'officers' to monitor and ensure that the needs of the people are not ignored - and that government provision of development and other 'benefiits' are properly delivered to the areas. This people should really be 'public servants', not party 'appointees' - and certainly not government imposed on people members of Local Councils, or leaders of kampungs, kampung barus, taman...

That is for the government, now the political party, including Pakatan Harapan, can also as part of their own political party strategy appoint their members to monitor and ensure an effective communication with the people on the ground, as well as to 'highlight' needs/concerns in different areas - but that is a party matter. Wrong to use 'government funds' to pay or support such activities.

UMNO-BN may have used government funds - by paying these 'political appointees' by simply making them Local Councilors, JKKK or Ketua Kampungs....Will Pakatan Harapan simply just continue these UMNO-BN 'BAD' practices?

'Spoils of War' - these 'political appointments' ...allocation of projects/privileges to party members/cronies was the UMNO-BN way...will Pakatan Harapan also do the same now...There have been rumours that such 'UMNO-BN' practices did continue in some previous Pakatan Rakyat States - it really must stop now...and we should have a new era of clean government - where there will certainly be no more 'political appointees' - but rather more democratically elected and chosen by the people people's representatives?

UMNO-BN was famous for 'penalising' people and areas that did not support the UMNO-BN or their candidates > Pakatan Harapan should not follow similar policies and practices. They must treat all Malaysians equally - irrespective of whether they voted for the Pakatan Harapan or not.

Election won - and now there must be no discrimination in favour of PH party members(or their friends). Every one in the country, including even UMNO-BN members, should now be treated equally by the government. For the responsibility of MP, ADUNs and government/s is to all in the area and the country.


Govt to cut 17,000 'political appointees' to reduce expenditure

TRIMMING THE FAT ... Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced today that government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 'political appointees' hired by the previous government. — Sunpix by Ashraf Shamsul
PUTRAJAYA: The government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 "political appointees" hired by the previous government, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 

Describing the exercise as "looking to trim the excess fat", Mahathir said the excessive spending by the previous government has forced the Pakatan Harapan administration to make the decision.

"There are too many contract officers, some of whom were for administrative needs while others were political appointees. Political appointees will be terminated," he told reporters at Yayasan Perdana, here, yesterday. 

However, Mahathir stressed that those earning low wages would be spared by being reassigned to other jobs which suit their respective qualifications.

"In cases where they are drivers, who get a low salary, it would be a burden to them if we terminate them abruptly. We do not want to make life difficult for them as well," he said.

On another matter, Mahathir also made it clear that those in Barisan Nasional who wish to defect to Pakatan Harapan will not be accepted as registered members of parties in the coalition.

Responding to calls by the public against accepting those who jump from BN, he assured the people that their wishes will be seen through and that such membership applications will not be accepted.

"The people, we believe cannot accept Umno, so their participation will not be accepted.

"This is because it will not sit well with the rakyat who do not want the old government to influence the new government," he said.

While these members can quit Umno or other parties while individually expressing their support for Pakatan Harapan, Mahathir stressed that they cannot become party members.- The Sun Daily, 16/5/2018

Parti komponen bincang kuota Ahli Majlis Selasa ini

Parti komponen bincang kuota Ahli Majlis Selasa ini
Loy Sian (tengah) ditemui selepas program Bazar Ramadan Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) 2018 di GM Klang, petang tadi.

KLANG - Perbincangan kuota dan agihan kerusi Ahli Majlis melibatkan 12 Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) di Selangor diadakan Selasa ini sebelum tempoh perkhidmatan Ahli Majlis tamat 30 Jun depan.

Naib Pengerusi PKR Selangor, Hee Loy Sian berkata, mesyuarat jam 3 petang itu melibatkan penyertaan kesemua parti komponen Pakatan Harapan (Harapan).

"Perbincangan ini penting kerana suasana sekarang sudah berlainan, sebelum ini kita ada wakil Pas, sekarang Pas sudah keluar dan kerusi Ahli Majlis bagi parti itu bakal dikosongkan.

"Sekarang kita ada dua parti baharu menyertai Harapan iaitu Bersatu dan Amanah yang turut berhak mendapat kuota bagi jawatan Ahli Majlis," katanya selepas program Bazar Ramadan Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) 2018 di GM Klang, petang tadi.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya berkenaan perkembangan pelantikan Ahli Majlis di Selangor yang bakal berakhir 30 Jun depan.

Adun Kajang itu berkata, dari segi peratus agihan akan berlainan jadi kepimpinan parti akan bermesyuarat untuk mencapai kata putus berkenaan pembahagian itu.

"Bukan semua kerusi milik Pas akan diberikan kepada Amanah atau Bersatu, kemungkinan ada yang akan dapat kurang atau lebih kerusi.

"Perbincangan itu bukan hanya melibatkan kerusi yang ditinggalkan Pas bahkan juga kerusi DAP dan PKR juga akan dibincangkan dalam pembahagian itu," katanya.

Beliau menambah, perbincangan itu akan menggunapakai satu formula yang membolehkan semua pihak menerima keputusan mesyuarat itu nanti.

"Jangkaan kita pelantikan Ahli Majlis akan diadakan bermula 1 Julai nanti jadi ia perlu diselesaikan sebelum tarikh itu," katanya.

Terdahulu, Kerajaan Negeri telah melanjutkan tempoh perkhidmatan Ahli Majlis PBT yang sepatutnya  tamat 31 Disember lalu sebelum dilanjutkan ke tarikh 30 Jun depan.

Ia melibatkan seramai 283 Ahli Majlis di kesemua 12 PBT di seluruh Selangor. - Sinar Harian, 28/5/2018

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BR1M need to be abolished? Assistance to the poor must be reviewed and made a RIGHT rather than simply PM's discretion?

BR1M must be abolished....UMNO-BN never understood that poorer Malaysians deserved more financial assistance compared to the those who are less poor.

See earlier post:-

Unjust BR1M - the poorer must receive more assistance...the richer households lesser

Remember also that UMNO-BN also lost about RM3.34 million through BR1M between 2012 -2014, how much more were lost in later years?

BR1M - Those who 'stole' RM3.34 million of our money must be charged, tried and convicted?

The government overpaid a total of RM3.34 million in Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) due to irresponsible recipients cashing their vouchers more than once.

The amount was a combination of the total BR1M payment made from 2012 until 2014, the Auditor-General’s Report 2014 Series 1 released today showed.

The report stated that a total of 2,188, or 0.05%, recipients for BR1M 2012 cashed their vouchers at least more than once amounting to RM1.11 million, 2,490 (0.04%) recipients for BR1M 2013 amounting to RM1.14 million and 1,899 (0.03%) recipients in the first phase of BR1M 2014 amounted to RM1.09 million.

How many POOR in Malaysia? The UMNO-BN government did not provide us the details of income of individual Malaysians, and Malaysian families. We do not know how many individuals/families earn less than RM1,000 a month, many earn less than RM2,000...Of late, the UMNO-BN 'hid the full truth' by simply providing us "median income''(which really is the amount of income earned by the 50th person in a list of of say 100 people ranked lowest to highest - so, we really do not know how much the really poor were earning...maybe 49 were earning less than RM1,000 per month?

The other thing that the UMNO-BN used to provide us is the MEAN income - which from a list of 100, all their income is added and divided by 100. So, if 100th person earns RM500,000 and all the others earn RM0, then the mean will work out to RM5,000? Again, we do not know the true income of Malaysians.

The other problem was the meaning of 'Household' that is now used. It does not mean family now means all persons living in a house, so 10 workers earning RM1,000 living in one house will give you an Household Income of RM10,000 (which sounds great!)

Description 2A household is defined as a person or group of related or unrelated persons who usually live together and make common provisions for food and other essentials of living and sleep in the selected living quarters for at least 16 nights during the reference month. An exception is made in the case of fisherman, long distance taxi and express bus drivers and loggers who are considered as household members regardless of wether they slept in the living quarters or not.

Source : Prices
Source Detail : Report On Household Expenditure Survey Malaysia - Department of Statistics Website

What is the POVERTY LINE INCOME? It really must look at REAL INCOME (Salary plus other income MINUS maybe expenses like Loan Repayment and Basic Amenities?)  

21 million poor Malaysians in need of government financial aid? Poverty line income should be increased to RM3,000 in line with BR1M

FIRSTLY, we need to know the REAL status of monthly income of Malaysians(plus maybe foreign spouses of Malaysians) not other foreign migrant workers/business people. TARGET GROUP must be really ascertained before we can assist them out of poverty.

How do we do this? Maybe all Malaysians need to submit INCOME Tax returns every year - listing all their income (wages plus other income from rental/business less maybe ....). That will help the government really know the financial situation of Malaysians, because people should not lie in such declarations. {Officers of the Welfare Ministry can always verify if needed.)

GOVERNMENT should provide financial assistance or 'other assistance' to really help immediately - WELFARE.

But the real object must be assistance to help them out of increasing earning abilities. FELDA scheme originally did this - it provided land and means of earning, with the object that the poor will ultimately become financially independent...

Of course, for some like the elderly, mentally/physically challenged, etc...there will be still need for regular financial assistance in the form of welfare..

UMNO-BN, with regard to the welfare assistance provided in relevant laws are really is too little to survive in Malaysia today. The relevant Minister need to immediately review these laws - and increase financial assistance to the really poor, who are incapable of becoming financially independent...

For example asistance provided to the elderly is RM350/- a month(surely, this is an absurd amount for Malaysia in 2018)


 RM350 sebulan seorang.

Saraan hidup kepada warga tua yang memerlukan bantuan supaya terus tinggal dalam komuniti.

  1. Warga tua berumur 60 tahun ke atas;
  2. Tiada mata pencarian tertentu untuk menyara hidup;
  3. Jika mempunyai keluarga tetapi keluarga tidak berkemampuan untuk menyara hidup. - see
Now, Wan Azizah, our DPM, is the relevant Minister....the rates of assistance really need to be reviewed and increased... 

This new Pakatan Harapan government really need to review and increase financial aid to those that do not have the ability to generate sufficient income in Malaysia... 

If financial assistance are to be given out, make it a RIGHT in law - not a 'discretion' of the sitting Prime Minister or government. Enact clear laws, listing who is entitled for what aid and when.

MALAYSIANS ALSO NEED TO CARE - We need to prioritize aid to the really needy...

UMNO illegal - no impact on MPs/ADUNs? Societies Act need to be repealed? ROS powers restricted?

If UMNO is de-registered, will it mean that all UMNO MPs and ADUNs will also lose their position as MP or ADUN - Well, the answer is 'NO' - all that the candidate does in standing as an UMNO mandated candidate - So, if UMNO is deregistered, they will still remain ADUN and/or MP. [Note in the GE14, DAP/Amanah/Pribumi members stood for elections as PKR candidates eventhough they were not even members of PKR - and that is OK]

2nd point, they all did not stand as UMNO - but as Barisan National candidates. 

UMNO is a society, and as it is ALL the members that should decide the running of a society - and the agreed way a society operates depends on the CONSTITUTION of the Society generally. Other than the Constitution, a society is also bound by Resolutions passed by members at a General Meeting of the Society, but this cannot be in violation of the society's Constitution.

A Society can amend its Constitution, and this generally requires a two-third majority vote of members in a General Meeting of the society.

Now, most important is the length and/or duration the President and the Executive Committee should hold office. So, all Constitutions will stipulate the term of office. For UMNO, the Constitution stated that the term of office should be three(3) years...

According to Umno’s constitution, stipulated under Clause 9.3, the supreme council is required to hold its next election within three years, or by October 19, 2016.  

A further extension of 18 months is allowed under Clause 10.16 of the party’s constitution.

Najib announced the postponement of the party’s elections on June 27, 2015, saying Umno needed to prepare for the general elections. 

By April 19, this year, it would have been fifty-four months since Umno last held its elections, the absolute limit allowed by the party’s constitution. 

“By right, Umno’s divisions and supreme council would be unlawful under their constitution, as stipulated under Clause 10.16,” Haniff said.
Therefore, since the last UMNO Elections was on October 19, 2013, therefore it should have held its elections by 19/10/2016. 

However, the UMNO Constitution, being the Constitution approved by the members, allows for UMNO President and the Supreme Council to delay the elections for a further 18 months...

Now, this decision to extend is not really a decision of ALL members of UMNO - simply the current President and Supreme Council. Members may be angry but then the UMNO Constitution itself does ALLOW for this further extension of maximum 18 months.

So, UMNO elected leadership could 'delay' elections, effectively extending their ability to still be UMNO leaders(without any further mandate by members) for 3 years PLUS 18 months.

This additional 18 months in power ended on 19 April 2018. Elections should have been held by that day, UNLESS the UMNO Constitution could have been amended by members to allow even a longer extension...maybe 36 months...but there was No Constitutional amendment, was there?

UMNO Constitution says election must be held within 3 years(or plus another 18 months) -  How can the ROS extend it further, contrary to existing UMNO Constitution?

Now, apparently the UMNO leadership asked the permission of the Registrar of Society(ROS) for a further extension to have their elections... Who applied? The very people, who were elected leaders in 2013 - who never granted the membership the right to vote in new leaders after the 18 month extension was over.

Who is the ROS - he should never have the power to extend time for holding elections to elect new leaders of UMNO. The UMNO members, as stated in the Constitution has already decided when elections should be held...within 3 years from the last elections(plus an additional 18 months for possibly exceptional reasons).

ROS could maybe extend time for matters which a society is supposed to submit to the ROS - like the annual report, details of elected leaders and accounts. 

Now, in this case, the ROS goes further to extend time for having general elections, going against the very Constitution of UMNO.

Then, what happens to the 16 that took the case to court -  UMNO kicks them out of UMNO.

In any society, if members have a complaint against the leadership(or any other matters about the society), it should reasonably their RIGHT as members to bring the matter to the leadership(elected leadership), and they should resolve it(that is, if this right is there in the UMNO Constitution). 

Normally, if the member is not happy, that member would have the right to the attention of all members, usually at the next General Meeting...after that, the member should have the right to take the matter to be settled by the courts[certainly not the ROS], and the courts will hear decide on the dispute.

How did the ROS even approve a provision in UMNOs constitution barring a member to take an action against another member(or even the society) in court?(This allegedly was the reason why UMNO terminated the membership of the 16)

This means that even if President UMNO (Najib) stole money from its members - they, the UMNO members, have no remedy in court? 

Absurd....note currently, the ROS also has the power to approve the Constitution of Society, and even amendments to the Constitution. The right of a member to take an issue to Court is a fundamental right, and no Constitution of any society, trade union or cooperative should BLOCK such a right of a member.

The case of the UMNO 16 was dismissed because of section 18C, which certainly must be repealed. Now even decisions made by government can be challenged in court - BUT not a decision of a  political party and their leaders...This is absurd. Members challenging the wrong done by leaders do not even have the right to go to court - A MEMBER OF ANY SOCIETY, EVEN A POLITICAL PARTY, SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO BRING A MATTER CONCERNING A 'POLITICAL PARTY'(WHICH IS A SOCIETY) TO COURT - THIS IS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.

18C  Decision of political party to be final and conclusive

The decision of a political party or any person authorized by it or by its constitution or rules or regulations made thereunder on the interpretation of its constitution, rules or regulations or on any matter relating to the affairs of the party shall be final and conclusive and such decision shall not be challenged, appealed against, reviewed, quashed or called in question in any court on any ground, and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit, application, question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of such decision.
The ROS allowed UMNO to delay their General Elections by virtue of this section 13A - The ROS or even the Court should never be allowed to extend time for Elections(especially) - unless the Constitution of UMNO allows for it. In so doing, the ROS behaves as though it has more power that an UMNO Member or even existing UMNO Constitution.

13A  Power of Registrar to make certain orders in respect of registered societies

(1) Where the Registrar is satisfied that it is necessary to do so in the interests of any registered society, or in the interests of public order, safety or security, or otherwise in the public interest, the Registrar may at any time, after giving the society an opportunity to make representations to him, make an order in writing-
(a) requiring the society, within the time specified in the order, to provide in its rules or constitution that the office bearers of the society shall be Federal citizens, and, consequently, requiring the society to remove from office all persons who, not being Federal citizens, were office bearers of the society immediately before the making of the order; or
(b) prohibiting the society from having, directly or indirectly, any affiliation, connection, communication, or other dealing whatsoever, with any society, organization, or other body whatsoever outside Malaysia, or with any authority, governmental or otherwise, in any country, territory or place outside Malaysia;
(c) (Deleted by Act A557:s.14)
(2) The Registrar may at any time, after giving a registered society an opportunity to make representations to him, make an order in writing requiring the society, within the time specified in the order, to amend its rules or constitution so as to-
(a) have the same conform to, or be consistent and in accordance with, the provisions of this Act or any regulations made thereunder; or
(b) remove any ambiguity or vagueness therein, or provide for greater clarity and preciseness of meaning in any provision thereof; or
(c) provide for any other matter which the Registrar may deem necessary, reasonable or expedient to require.
(3) Where the Registrar makes an order under subsection (1) or (2) he may include in that order, or make or give at any time thereafter, any consequential or ancillary requirements or directions in relation to such order as he may deem necessary or expedient to make or give.

(4) The Registrar may, on application in writing made to him by a registered society, extend the time provided by him to the society in any order made under subsection (1) or (2) if he is satisfied that the society has given good grounds in its application and it would be just and proper to grant such extension.

(5) For the purposes of subsection (1), "office-bearer" includes the persons specified in paragraphs 9A(7)(a) and (b).

(6) (Deleted by Act A557:s.14).

(7) Any society which contravenes any order given by the Registrar under subsection (1) or (2) or any requirement or direction made or given by him under subsection (3) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding fifteen thousand ringgit or to both.

The Registrar of Societies(ROS), and also the Registrar of Trade Union(ROTU) in Malaysia just have too much power...Even if the members decide to amend the Constitution, maybe to increase membership fees, now it has no effect until the Registrar approves it...and if the Registrar says 'No', the society and trade union just cannot increase membership fees - this is something that did happen to a trade union(I am told) in the past.  So Trade Unions and societies can be kept weak because they cannot even increase membership fees as provided in their Constitution/Rules in a country where the cost of living has increased so much...

The SOCIETIES ACT AND THE TRADE UNION ACT (and other Acts affecting other associations) need to be repealed, if not seriously amended to restore real FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION in Malaysia. 

Registration should be fast (within a couple of weaks), and names should not be restricted(now, most difficult to register a name of a society having words like human rights, women's rights, justice, workers....) and 

...the ROS powers should be limited to collecting annual returns(documents/accounts), and certainly no power to extend time contrary to existing Constitutions governing the association. 

Members right to take matters to court, to resolve disputes or even seek 'judicial review' should not be prohibited.  

Pakatan Harapan, DAP, Parti Pribumi ,...have experienced the 'evil' of the Societies Act, and the 'excessive' power of the ROS - not enough to simply change the ROS - but the Societies Act seriously need to be repealed/amended seriously ...

This must be PRIORITY of Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan new government ...

Umno 16's bid to dissolve party dismissed

Hafiz Yatim  |  Published on  |  Modified on
The High Court in Kuala Lumpur today dismissed the leave application on the judicial review application brought by 16 "sacked" Umno members against the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

The review is to seek the ROS to quash its decision last month to allow Umno extend its party elections until April 2019, to investigate the complaints made and reply to them, and also a dissolution of the party.

Justice Kamaludin Md Said said Section 18C of the Societies Act 1966 applied, where members cannot bring party dispute to court.

"Hence the application is dismissed without costs," he said.

He noted that despite the decisions in the Semenyih Jaya Sdn Bhd and Indira Gandhi Federal Court cases, it does not apply to political parties.

Lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla told reporters a notice of appeal will be filed soon. 

Citing Section 18C, as brought up by the Attorney-General's Chambers in its objection, Justice Kamaludin said the decision of a political party or any person authorised by it, or by its constitution or rules or regulations made, shall be final and conclusive, and such decision shall not be challenged, appealed against, reviewed, quashed or called into question and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit, application, question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of such decision.

In the Indira Gandhi and Semenyih Jaya case earlier this year and last year, it was ruled that the High court had the inherent jurisdiction under Article 121 (1) as judicial independence and the separation of powers are recognised as features in the basic structure of the constitution.

"The inherent jurisdiction of the civil courts under Article 121 (1) is inextricably intertwined with their constitutional role as check and balance mechanism.

"The Malaysian apex court had prescribed that the powers of the executive and legislature are limited by the constitution and that the judiciary acts as a bulwark of the constitution in ensuring that the powers of the executive and legislature are to be kept within the intended limit," he said in citing the Indira Gandhi and Semenyih Jaya judgments.

However, Justice Kamaludin said having considered the Indira Gandhi and Semenyih Jaya cases relied on by Haniff, those cases in his view can be distinguished from the present application.

"There the Federal Court, in general term, reminded the stakeholders that judicial power may only be vested in courts, safeguarded by constitutional provisions to ensure judicial independence and judicial independence and the separation of powers are recognised as features in the basic structure of the constitution.

"The cases are not dealing with decisions of a political party on any matter relating to the affairs of the party within Section 18C of the Societies Act.

"I cannot ignore the decision made in the ROS vs Justin Jinggut, (in 2013) clearly excludes the jurisdiction of the courts from going into merits of any disputes between members of a political party," he said.

"Effect must be given by the Parliament to enact Section 18C, as the words 'no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit, application, question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of such decision'. These words clearly show that Parliament intended to exclude the jurisdiction of the courts," he added.

For this reason, Justice Kamaludin dismissed the leave application.

The 16 filed their challenge last Friday led by Umno branch head Salihudin Ahmad Khalid.

Salihudin, who was present, told reporters that he and the other "sacked" Umno members are disappointed with the decision and said that he has not received any notification from Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor that they were sacked.

"We filed the application on April 20 and the said notice to expel us was dated April 21. Hence, we have the legal standing and will continue with the challenge by appealing today's decision," he said. - Malaysiakini, 27/4/2018

RoS should declare Umno illegal by April 19, says Dr Mahathir’s lawyer

Bede Hong
RoS should declare Umno illegal by April 19, says Dr Mahathir’s lawyer
Lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdulla says according to Umno’s constitution, stipulated under Clause 9.3, the supreme council was supposed to hold its elections on October 19, 2016. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 1, 2018.
IF the Registrar of Societies (RoS) applies the same standard to Umno as it does Bersatu, the dominant Barisan Nasional component party would be declared illegal by April 19, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s lawyer. 

Haniff Khatri Abdulla said RoS should equally enforce all political parties to hold their meetings on time, as required by their constitutions.

“By right, Najib Razak should not take the oath as prime minister before the Yang Di-pertuan Agong after April 19,” he told The Malaysian Insight.   

Haniff was responding to a statement by Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor on Tuesday that the party’s elections were only due by April 19 of next year. 

Tengku Adnan said RoS had approved the party’s application to postpone its party elections to April 19, 2019 at the latest.

The Umno secretary-general said RoS’ approval was in line with Section 13A (4) of the Societies Act 1966, which states: The Registrar may, on application in writing made to him by a registered society, extend the time provided by him to the society in any order made under subsection (1) or (2) if he is satisfied the society has given good grounds in its application and it would be just and proper to grant such extension.

Haniff, however, said the deadline for Umno’s divisional and supreme council elections is April 19, this year as Umno last held its party elections on October 19, 2013. 

According to Umno’s constitution, stipulated under Clause 9.3, the supreme council is required to hold its next election within three years, or by October 19, 2016. 

A further extension of 18 months is allowed under Clause 10.16 of the party’s constitution.

Najib announced the postponement of the party’s elections on June 27, 2015, saying Umno needed to prepare for the general elections. 

By April 19, this year, it would have been fifty-four months since Umno last held its elections, the absolute limit allowed by the party’s constitution. 

“By right, Umno’s divisions and supreme council would be unlawful under their constitution, as stipulated under Clause 10.16,” Haniff said. 

“Najib Razak would automatically cease to be president of Umno and prime minister after April 19, this year,” he said. 

“RoS is now challenged to take the necessary action.

“Will they use the same rigorous standards on Umno and they did against Bersatu, which has lawfully followed its constitution?”

RoS has cited irregularities as reasons for its continuing investigations into Bersatu. 

RoS director Surayati Ibrahim has said the investigations were into claims Bersatu’s annual general meeting on December 30 was illegal and had violated the party’s constitution.

DAP was made to hold its central executive committee re-election on November 12 last year, finally receiving a notification in early February it has complied with all requirements as directed by RoS.
Bersatu appears to be the last main obstacle in Pakatan Harapan’s registration as a legally recognised coalition. 

Last Wednesday, PH took legal action to compel RoS to reply to the coalition’s application to be registered.

Bersatu sued RoS over the status of the party’s registration two days later. 

PH submitted its application for registration on July 24 last year. 

Bersatu and PH chairman Dr Mahathir has accused RoS of acting in Barisan Nasional’s favour. – March 1, 2018. - Malaysian Insight


Wan Azizah's using government jet scandal? A 'Najib-like' Silence in the face of allegations?

25/5/2018 - The issue was raised about the use of a 'government jet' by Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah, her spouse Anwar and 2 daughters to go to Kota Bharu to meet the Kelantan royalty 

See earlier post:-

Wan Azizah must apologize and pay full cost of using government jet?

Now, when the issue of billions of ringgit being found in a personal bank account of the then Prime Minister Najib was raised, his response seem to be 'silence' and/or a lack of explanation. There was no speedy response by him explaining and clarifying matters ...and Malaysians were generally disappointed with this silence and lack of explanation by Najib, our Prime Minister...

Comparatively, Lim Guan Eng was quick to make a response and provide an explanation...

Now, there is this questionable issue of the use of a 'government jet' by our Deputy Prime Minister, Wan Azizah... and, sadly, I believe, we have again not heard any response or explanation from Wan Azizah personally ...Is she behaving just like Najib?

Everyone is happy and elated by the loss of the UMNO-BN, and the advent for a NEW Federal government and in most Malaysian States...BUT as the same time, we need to monitor our NEW leaders in government is so easy for them now in power to slip into the old bad ways and practices of the former UMNO-BN government....easier still for these new leaders of Pakatan Harapan, who had a former history in being in UMNO-BN leadership and/or even Cabinets.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY - Wan Azizah must really just be 'honest' and transparent in this issue of 'using government jet'...If she made a 'mistake', it is best that she just explain and apologize...the option of keeping just not an option open to our new PH leaders, especially our new DPM.

Wan Azizah - Speak up, clarify and explain yourself...Nurul Izzah spoke up trying to justify...but it was lame(in my opinion)...Anwar also spoke about it but did not really provide an explanation.

Anwar Ibrahim, he may be the Pakatan Harapan agreed and proposed next Prime Minister(although it is not what the people has agreed it?), but he is not the DPM or a member of the current government - so, it still must be Wan Azizah that must answer...

I had looked at Anwar's comment - firstly, he speaks about the Johor Sultan providing a jet to go see the Johor Sultan...but we are talking about the trip to see the Kelantan royal family in Kota Bharu. Even when he spoke...he moves quickly to 'joke about' his new role he finds himself in as spouse to DPM ...Entertaining but not really an answer to the question of using the 'government jet' to Kelantan, is it?

 Anwar explains private jet and jokes about role reversal - YouTube

Anwar also in another report shifts the  blame(or onus to explain) to DPM Wan Azizah -  For my trip to meet Yang di-­Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V in Kota Baru, the aircraft was for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and not me. I only tagged along as the husband.

So, there you have it - itis  for DPM Wan Azizah to explain. Husband Anwar just tagged along. 

Wan Azizah must now explain why she used the 'government jet' - how much it cost us Malaysians? Why did she bring along the husband and 2 kids? Was it official visit as DPM - or was is because she was PKR President...or simply in her capacity of 'wife' of Anwar?  All we need is a PROMPT HONEST AND TRANSPARENT EXPLANATION...we do not want a 'Najib-like' silence in the face of allegations of suspected wrongdoings?

Wan Azizah also needs to explain the reason for the visit - was it simply a 'sosial' visit. If it was an 'official visit' by the DPM, what was it about? Odd that the 2 kids also went in the trip - and were there anyone from her office? 

Of late Wan Azizah came about to dispel the rumour about the wedding of Nurul Izzah...good, but what about the explanation of that trip 'using the jet'...???

Usage of government jets for personal reasons by members of the administration or those holding public office is WRONG in my opinion.

Now, that members of the Cabinet are taking pay cuts to help Malaysian economy - odd that government jets (which are very expensive) are being used by the DPM.

GOVERNMENT JETS - What is the Pakatan Harapan government's position? Who can use and when?

Oddly, the Opposition criticized the use of government jets by Najib, Rosmah, etc fact, the number of jets currently owned by Najib's government was also criticized.

Now, that Anwar raised the issue of the Johor Sultan sending his personal jet - One wonders whether it is ultimately Malaysians that are also paying for these jets or 'private' jets of the Sultan.

Maybe, PM Mahathir should clarify matters...maybe Anthony Loke, the Transport Minister, should...

Malaysians suffered high cost of living, the removal of subsidies, the cut in allocations to schools, etc is a big scandal if the NEW Pakatan Harapan leaders are also now simply continuing to travel using 'government jets'(which will also include jets held by the various Ministries and even the RMAF?)

It is sad that many media are also not demanding an answer...



RMAF aircraft was for my wife, not me, says Anwar

BUTTERWORTH: He was merely tagging along as Deputy Prime Minister’s husband when he got on board a Royal Malaysian Air Force aircraft, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The PKR leader told a crowd at the Pidato Perdana DSAI event in Seberang Jaya here on Friday night that the trip “was a reversal of role 20 years ago”. 

“For my trip to meet Yang di-­Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V in Kota Baru, the aircraft was for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and not me. I only tagged along as the husband.

“These days, I follow the Deputy Prime Minister as I am the husband,” he said. 

Anwar, who was the deputy prime minister from 1993 to 1998, said in jest that “she (Dr Wan Azizah) asked me why am I complaining as she never complained when she followed me”.

It was a sweet homecoming for Anwar to Permatang Pauh after his release from prison last week.

This time, he took a Firefly commercial jet.

Flying coach: Anwar walking towards the aircraft bound for Penang. — Photo taken from Facebook
Flying coach: Anwar walking towards the aircraft bound for Penang. — Photo taken from Facebook 

Anwar first became Permatang Pauh MP in 1982. He held on to the seat until Dr Wan Azizah took over in 1999 when he was jailed.

The seat has been in the family since, alternating between the husband and wife.

At GE14, their daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar won the seat.

Taking to the stage at about 11.30pm, Anwar also took the opportunity to respond to criticisms on social media about his trip to Johor on a personal jet.

“Some criticised that I travelled on a personal jet even though I do not hold any post, which is true.

“However, it’s not a chartered one. The plane belongs to the Sultan of Johor and I can also take any of you if you are interested,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Anwar said the Sultan of Johor told him that he could use the jet to visit him and back.

Meanwhile, on his Facebook, Anwar uploaded photos of him in a blue baju melayu going through airport security, walking towards the aircraft and sitting in the commercial plane’s cabin.

“This morning I took a normal commercial aircraft to Penang. Not (an) official jet. This is the diffe­rence between official duties ac­­com­panying the Deputy Prime Minister and personal duties,” he wrote on his Facebook. - Star, 27/5/2018



Azmin must resign Selangor can have NEW Menteri Besar and start functioning effectively?

Selangor still has no new Menteri Besar, after current MB  Mohamed Azmin Ali decided to take up the appointment of Minister of Economic Affairs. It is unreasonable or practical, for Azmin who is also a MP and an ADUN to also continue being Menteri Besar and a Cabinet Minister ...

As Pakatan Harapan PM and new Cabinet is working hard and speedily...the current status of Azmin Ali is causing much problems. Azmin, who is now in charge of a very important Ministry, obviously still cannot devote his full time and energy to his new duties as MINISTER...Oh yes, Azmin could have declined the Cabinet post and continued as Menteri Besar...but he chose to be a Cabinet Minister, and no more be the Menteri Besar of Selangor..

Now, a Menteri Besar is imprortant - because it is the MB that ultimately chooses the team who will help him in the governing of Selangor...the State Executive Committee.

Will the new Selangor Menteri Besar want the same team that Azmin has chosen as the State Executive Committee?...or will he want to make some changes? That is why Selangor needs to immediately get the NEW Menteri Besar...who may confirm the State Executive Committee...or even make changes....

Like the Prime Minister, the Menteri Besar has the ultimate right of choice of the State cabinet...

Why is it taking so long? Azmin should just resign as MB ...and a new MB, who enjoys the confidence of the majority of the Selangor ADUNs should be speedily appointed...The best ADUN should be chosen irrespective if he/she may come from another Pakatan Harapan component party - but note the Selangor Constitution still provides that the Menteri Besar must be a Malay and a Muslim(something not consistent with our Federal Constitution - where the only requirement is the 'confidence of the majority' of the MPs). I had hoped that Selangor, under Pakatan Rakyat, who had the requisite two third majority would have amended the State constitution to remove the ethnic/religious requirement to be Menteri Besar - but alas, they were not as progressive as I expected. 

Thanks to this 'ethnicity/religious' requirement the most qualified ADUN to be the BEST Menteri Besar possible will not get the chance to do so...

Experience of being MB - that is irrelevant because so many with no previous experience have become MBs and Chief Ministers. Azmin too had no experience of being MB before he was chosen to be MB?

Without Azmin resigning new Menteri Besar can be appointed. Is Azmin delaying to be able to place 'his' choice as Menteri Besar - well, it is really the choice of the Pakatan Harapan ADUNs who will choose the best person to be next Menteri Besar, not Azmin's?

Is Azmin hanging on just to put in place his chosen 'political appointees' in place as Local Councillors, JKKK and maybe even in State owned GLCs and other GLCs? I really do not understand why Azmin's not immediately resigning as Menteri Besar ...and focusing his time and effort in his very important Federal Ministry?

How fast after the results of the GE were announced, that MBs and even the Prime Minister appointed? 

Azmin has been using the 'Sultan' as a reason for his delay in resigning as MB - but really, Selangor is a constitutional democracy - where the royalty has little power in determining who is the Menteri Besar - and the most important factor is 'confidence of the majority' of the ADUNs. 

The Sultan will then listen to the advice of the Menteri Besar in the appointment of the State Exco - but in Selangor, the Exco has apparently been appointed but then their portfolios and responsibilities seem to have yet to be determined? Anyway, this appointment and portfolio will now have to depend on what the NEW Menteri Besar wants or does?

Pakatan Harapan will have a discussion about who should be their candidates in State Exco, but ultimately it is(and must be) the Menteri Besar who has the final decision....Because ultimately the failures or the successes of the State of Selangor will all be on the Menteri Besar...Wrong to force any MB to appoint a person not of his/her chosing as a member of the 'State Cabinet'...

A new Selangor Menteri Besar will have the right to change the State Exco, and also the portfolios...

Hence, the faster Selangor has its new Menteri Besar, the better ...until then, all work stagnates...and Exco members also will find it difficult to start working (as the worry is always that they may no longer be Exco after the new MB is appointed, or maybe their portfolios/responsibilities may change).

As mentioned, Azmin should immediately RESIGN ...and focus on his job as Federal Minister...

Alternatively, Azmin should just resign as Federal Minisiter, and continue on as Menteri Besar of Selangor...

He cannot hold on to both positions...because, if he does so, Selangor and Malaysia both suffers... 

Azmin may have been worried that he may be 'played out' and may not be sworn in as Federal Cabinet, reasonable to not resign as Menteri Besar until he was sworn in...BUT THAT HAPPENED ON 21/5/2018 ...AND IT IS NOW 30/5/2018, and Azmin has still not resigned as Menteri Besar...and Selangor still does not have a new Menteri Besar.

Azmin's failure to resign until now will significantly impact the new Selangor PH government cannot effectively start working to carry out its '100-day promises'...

KUALA LUMPUR (May 21): Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali today thanked Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah for his consent for the former to accept the appointment as Minister of Economic Affairs and play a greater role in the Federal Government.

In a statement today, Azmin said the consent follows from the clarification and assurance received from Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad concerning the scope of work and areas of jurisdiction of the new Ministry.... - The Edge, 21/5/2018

Seven new faces in Selangor exco line-up

THE new Selangor executive council (exco) line-up is made up of new and experienced elected representatives who come from various professional backgrounds and political parties.

The exco members in the Pakatan Harapan-led state government are from PKR, DAP, Amanah and Pribumi.

The team comprises three former exco members – Datuk Teng Chang Khim (DAP-Bandar Baru Klang), Amiruddin Shari (PKR-Sungai Tua) and V. Ganabatirau (DAP-Kota Kemuning).

The new faces are Haniza Mohamed Talha (PKR-Lembah Jaya), Ng Sze Han (DAP-Kinrara), Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin (PKR-Seri Setia), Hee Loy Sian (PKR-Kajang), Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (Amanah-Seri Serdang), Izham Hashim (Amanah-Pandan Indah) and Datuk Abdul Rashid Asari (Pribumi-Selat Kelang).

Dr Siti Mariah and Hee are also former MPs for Kota Raja and Petaling Jaya Selatan (now renamed Petaling Jaya) respectively.

They were sworn in before Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on Monday.

Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Azmin Ali is expected to announce the portfolios of the exco members following discussions at the first exco meeting today.

Sultan Sharafuddin handing over the appointment letter to (clockwise from left) Ng, Abdul Rashid (Bernama) and Amiruddin Shari (Bernama).
Sultan Sharafuddin presenting letter of appointment to Ng Sze Han.

Ganabatirau said the exco team was expected to be stronger this term as the Federal Government was also under Pakatan Harapan.

“I am happy to be appointed for the second time and hope to serve the state better as both the state and federal governments are under Pakatan Harapan,” he said.

Two-term assemblyman Haniza, who was the deputy state assembly speaker prior to GE14, said she was looking forward to serving in the new capacity.

She described the exco team, made up of three senior members and seven fresh faces, as a formidable one.

“We need to move forward at a rapid pace without the red tape and politicking.

“I believe the people of Selangor will be the biggest benefactors of this situation where we do not have to be at loggerheads with the Federal Government anymore,” said Haniza, who is an architectural graduate.

Izham, who is state Amanah chairman, believed his 10-year experience serving as a councillor in Shah Alam City Council and Subang Jaya Municipal Council would help him take on the new role.

He added that he also worked with state exco members and assemblymen in auditing performances when he was with PAS.

He said the portfolio given to the exco members would depend on the assemblyman’s background.

“As an engineer, I feel that housing and infrastructure portfolio will suit me but I will leave it to the state leadership to decide,” he said.

Happy to be appointed for the second term, Amiruddin expects the challenge to be tougher this time.

“We have to work hard to deliver the goods after the people gave us a stronger mandate by electing Pakatan to head the Federal Government.

“I hope I will be given the sports portfolio so that I can continue with the projects I started,” he added.

Second-term Kinrara assemblyman Ng Sze Han was surprised with his appointment and welcomes the responsibility to be entrusted to him by Azmin.

“I will leave it to the Mentri Besar to decide which portfolio suits us best.

“He knows our background and it will be based on that,” he said, adding that the exco role was a new challenge for him because at the same time, he would be servicing a larger constituency, which was now almost double in size after the redelineation exercise.

Hee, who is a new assemblyman and two-term MP, said he would accept whatever portfolio given to him.

He said the role of assemblyman and exco posed different challenges, but looked forward to his new role.

As an assemblyman, he would take on two main issues in Kajang, the flood problem and traffic congestion.

On her Facebook page yesterday, former Selangor Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said it was a privilege to have served the state government and the people of Selangor for 10 years (2008-2018).

The former Bukit Lanjan assemblyman said she was offered to extend her term by Azmin but upon reflection, “I thought it best that after 10 years, there would be new blood and fresh ideas.

“Opportunities must be available for others to come in and make a difference.

“There are also new horizons to explore. I will continue to serve the state, the country and our fellow citizens,” she wrote.- Star, 16/5/2018

Malaysia prime minister Mahathir Mohamad's new Cabinet sworn in

Malaysia's new Cabinet under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration was sworn in on Monday (May 21), nearly two weeks after the coalition's shocking election win that ended Barisan Nasional's (BN) six decades of power.
The 13 federal ministers took their oaths of office in a ceremony at the royal palace presided over by King Sultan Muhammad V....Taking on the most sought-after portfolios are former Selangor Menteri Besar and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who is Minister of Economic Affairs, and former Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is Finance Minister. - Straits Times, 21/5/2018