KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — The National Governance Cabinet Special Committee (JKKTN) is planning a new format for Members of Parliament and other government office holders to declare their assets, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said today.

The PMO said that this was in line with the government’s aim to promote transparency.

“JKKTN has discussed the introduction of a new format for Members of Parliament and members of the administration to declare their assets.

“This new format will be tabled during a Cabinet meeting in the near future,” the PMO said in a statement.

The PMO also said that JKKTN had discussed steps to strengthen the governance of Federal Statutory Bodies (FSB) and agreed that the General Circular Letter Number 3 of 1998 would be replaced by new guidelines designed to strengthen all aspects of governance.

The PMO said the reforms would cover the appointment process involving FSB chairmen and board members based on transparent criteria and also mandate a thorough evaluation process in the form of an integrity review by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), as well as an insolvency and Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) screening.

It said FSB board of directors’ capacity development programme would also be emphasised in the guidelines.

“The role of internal audits at every level of FSB, including its companies and corporations, will be strengthened.

“The reforms will also include the strengthening of the structure and composition of the membership of the board of directors by mandating the involvement of the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister's Department (ICU JPM), especially for those FSB that receive provisions under the Five-Year Malaysia Plan,” it said.

The PMO also said the reforms will focus on strengthening the detection, regulation and governance of FSB through a platform known as the Statutory Body System (SBSys) for the purpose of periodic reporting to the prime minister.

The PMO said that the statutory bodies need governance as they support the implementation of strategies by central agencies and other government departments as well as influence the country’s economic growth.

“Through Pantau Madani, the monitoring of FSB will be implemented more effectively via the empowerment of the Implementation Coordination Unit of PMO, the Ministry of Finance, the National Audit Department and the Performance Surge Coordination Unit of PMO.

“The implementation of these guidelines is a priority to support the Madani agenda through the empowerment of FSB,” it said. - Malay Mail, 8/1/2024


Ministers to declare assets when new format ready, says PMO

The Prime Minister’s Office says the new format for asset declarations would be more comprehensive.

The PMO said members of the federal administration, including ministers in the Cabinet, will declare their assets. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Members of the federal administration, including ministers in the Cabinet, will declare their assets as soon as a new format is ready, says the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The PMO said the new format for asset declarations would be more comprehensive and will improve on the existing mechanism.

It said this was agreed upon by the special anti-corruption Cabinet committee, chaired by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, when it met today.

Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman had recently questioned why government ministers had yet to declare their assets despite being in power for seven months now.

Meanwhile, the PMO also said Putrajaya would issue guidelines to handle “support letters” by members of the administration for “government matters”.

“The government takes the issue of support letters that involve elements of corruption and abuse of power seriously as this has affected the administration’s image.

“Guidelines will be issued to ensure that such support letters are not abused for personal interests.”

The PMO also said the Cabinet committee agreed for the auditor-general’s report to be periodically tabled when the Cabinet meets, starting with the 2022 report.

This is to ensure that follow-up measures, as recommended by the auditor-general, are taken immediately and effectively, it added.

The PMO said the committee will also review the limit on the number of directorships that civil servants are allowed to hold in a GLC or statutory body. This is to ensure their effectiveness in these roles.

It added that the special anti-corruption Cabinet committee will now be known as the special Cabinet committee on national governance.

It will have the authority to scrutinise governance weaknesses in GLCs and statutory bodies, including public universities.

“The government is committed to its agenda of strengthening good governance to support the nation’s development and ensure that the government is free from corruption, misappropriation and abuse of power.” - FMT, 6/7/2023