Friday, March 06, 2009

PERAK: JC Ridwan Ibrahim got his 'probation' extended another year...

It is rather odd - and goes against the general trend whereby Judicial Commissioners are appointed Judge after 2 years.

In the case of the now famous, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim, his term has been extended for a further one(1) year.

Why was he not made a Judge? What is it that he has done or not done that causes his 'probation' to be extended a further one(1) year?

Maybe, if he does well his duties as 'Judge' in the case involving the Perak Speaker, he will then definitely be made a JUDGE. [See earlier post - PERAK: Judicial Commissioner better behave if they want to become Judges...]

The Minister says that
Ridwan Ibrahim's term was extended, after his 2 year 'contract' expired on 28/2/2009 - but where is the proof of this? Who extends the 'contract'...or the'probation period'? The Minister...the Prime Minister and Cabinet....the Chief Justice...the Yang DiPertuan Agung????

In Malaysia, we have seen how judges who do well - i.e. 'side the government of the day' seem to get promoted and elevated rather fast. Take Augustine Paul, for instance, that infamous High Court Judge of the Anwar Ibrahim trial. Today, he is a Federal Court Judge - and, he surely was elevated speedily all the way to the Federal Court. [But this is Malaysia, and all things are possible. The fear of losing the control of the Executive (and State Governments) saw the quick appointment of a lawyer, too close to UMNO, being made immediately Federal Court Judge, and before GE2008, he was made No. 2 in the Judiciary...Maybe, it was a plan of the UMNO-led BN to at least ensure control of the Judiciary, even if they lose control of the Executive and the Legislative - see earlier post,Fight Corruption in Courts - Get rid of corrupt Judges and court staff...and Zaki Azmi

I am for ending of the practice of appointing Judicial Commissioners - just appoint suitable persons as Judges directly, as has been done before the 1988 Judicial Crisis. No more 'probation Judges' more 'contract judges'...there is just too many factors that may infringe into the independence that judges must and should always have...

The tenure of Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim, who made an order on March 3 restraining Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar from convening any meeting of the state assembly, has been extended another year from March 1.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said in the Parliament lobby that Ridwan was appointed as judicial commissioner on March 1, 2007 for a two-year period. The appointment expired on Feb 28 and was extended.

Ridwan’s tenure became an issue when a web-based news agency raised the question whether his order against Sivakumar was valid as his tenure expired on Feb 28.

The order was made in favour of new Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his six executive councillors in a suit they filed against Sivakumar and the Perak state assembly.

Nazri said a judicial commissioner may not be elevated to a High Court judge after two years.

The tenureship could be renewed and elevation made at any time, he added. - Star, 6/3/2009, JC’s term of office extended another year


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