Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BERNAMA TV Employees stands up for their rights - on leave until we get paid?

Bernama TV employees fight for their rights by refusing to work until all that is owing by their employer to them is paid...

This, I would say is an effective way for workers to stand up for their rights..

Of, course there is the option to go and lodge a CLAIM(and complaint) at the Human Resources Department BUT we all know that this process just take too long.... 

But when workers go on 'strike', or in the case of these BERNAMA TV Workers, they just take 'leave' until they get paid....

Some 30 Bernama TV (BTV) employees went back on leave yesterday over unpaid remuneration, two days after being paid partial back-pay of RM500 for the month of November.
In a letter sighted by Malaysiakini, the staff said they would be "unable to (be) present at work due to financial constraints from Dec 10 until full salary (is) paid by Bernama TV Synergy."

They had previously gone on leave for the whole of last week after not receiving their November salaries after last receiving full wages on Oct 20.
The staff, who are signed under private entity Bernama TV Synergy, claim top management warned that taking leave would jeopardise their chances of being absorbed by their parent government-run Bernama, but the news agency's general manager Zulkefli Salleh has denied this.

"No," Zulkefli said when contacted, adding that disciplinary action would not be taken either, as Bernama "understands (the BTV staff's) predicament.".... - Malaysiakini, 12/12/2014,
Broke' BTV staff skip work again after partial pay

No-show by workers disrupts Bernama TV ops

FMT Reporters | February 10, 2015 
The salary of the company staff is not the responsibility of Bernama, says its general manager.

bernama TV no-show workers 

KUALA LUMPUR: Bernama TV was not able to operate as usual yesterday as some of its staff did not turn up for work.

Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) general manager Zulkefli Salleh said the company managing the television channel had not paid the January salary of its staff.

“Bernama TV is owned by a joint-venture company and Bernama only has 33% stake in the television station.

“The salary of Bernama staff working with Bernama TV is paid by Bernama without any problem.

“The salary of the company staff is not the responsibility of Bernama and should be paid by Bernama TV company, Synergy Berhad (BRTV),” he said in a statement, here.

The income earned by the company, since it began operating the TV station in 2008, could not cover the operating cost, including to pay for emoluments and salary, he added.

He said since four years ago, Bernama, which is a statutory body, had been providing advance to the company to cover the cost of its operations, including for payment of salary to its almost 200 workers.

On Decemebr 12 last year, Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said that Bernama had injected a lot to cover the operational costs of Bernama TV and salary of its employees.

“However, one should understand that Bernama TV is not a government-owned television station, but belongs to a private company and whatever decision it makes should be based on business,” he added.

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