Friday, August 19, 2016

BN-UMNO government and Minister Mei Fun will not be caring more for old folks? So UNMalaysian?

Caring Malaysia has no further plans to  help the elderly? 

The problem with the UMNO-BN government has been that it seems to blindly promoting the 'neo-liberalism'(formerly known as 'capitalism'), which simply says that if you want something you pay for it... Hence, the move towards 'privatization'... 

Malaysia, if we look at it carefully, has not been simply a country that adopted the 'capitalist' model... we have a lot of what people would say are 'socialist' programs... like healthcare for all (free or very affordable), education, public amenities, etc.. The emphasis is to make it available to all in Malaysians - not just for those who can afford to pay for it...

The value of the ringgit is depreciating...and what you can buy with your money is becoming less and less...A few years ago, at the Pasar Ramadan, RM1 allowed you to buy at least 5 pieces of kueh, this year, you could buy only 3 but much 'smaller' pieces ...

Government has admitted that the savings in EPF/KWSP is also insufficient to provide for our workers in the private sector in their old age.. Note also that many of these workers have been encouraged, and have bought homes, which when they retire will still not be fully paid off...

Our housing policy seem to be inclined towards 3 bed-room units - and that does not make available a room for elderly parents, does it? Husband and wife in a room, sons in one room, and  daughters in another... so, where do we house elderly parents? 

Now, elderly parents are like 'children' - we need sometimes someone to be around to just ensure that all is well. In a country, where now both husband and wife have to go out to work - what happens then? The government has old folk day-care centres - very good idea but there are so few..maybe about a handful only...

There are so many old folks in every town that needs shelter, food and clothing ...and the Malaysian people need to care... This is the responsibility of government - it is foolish that this Minister is now suggesting that the government is abdicating its responsibility - now, the government wants the people to take care of their own old folks - some families are already taking care of old folks but the reality is that there are many old folks that need government assistance... As it is many religious bodies and groups are assisting - but they alone cannot look after the old..

Government hospitals also lack beds - and try to get bed-ridden old folks out of hospitals back to their families for them to take care of them..

Government must change their policy and be caring - we need more assistance for the elderly...24-hour care...



Govt has no plans to build more homes for elderly: Mei Fun

Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister Datin Chew Mei Fun.
KOTA KINABALU: Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister Datin Chew Mei Fun said the government had no plans to build more homes for elderly citizens but instead is encouraging senior citizens to live with their children.

"We feel that children should not neglect their parents (old) and it is their responsibility to take care of this group of people. We not only have to take care of senior citizens, we also have to take into consideration the welfare of children and people with disabilities.

"We therefore want old folks to be with their families," Chew told reporters after an official visit to the Senior Citizens' Activity Centre at the Kota Kinabalu Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) here today.

Also present were Sabah Welfare Department (JPKAS) deputy director Siti Ameh Ruman and JPKAS principal assistant director of Senior Citizens and Persons With Disabilities division, Zulkiflie Hassan.

According to Chew by having elderly citizens live with their children, old folks would be able to return to society and interact with their surrounding community through various activities. — Bernama - The Sun Daily, 16/8/2016

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