Friday, January 25, 2019

Sad when PH government have not spoken up on guilty forced to wear 'monkey' vests when doing community service?

Where are the good people? Why are they not protesting the making of criminals wear vest with the words 'MONYET'(Monkey), now a picture of a monkey, when they carry out their community service sentences in public? Now, the said Local government, has replaced the words with a picture of the Monkey?

Public derogatory name calling is so wrong, and has the effect of scarring people and their families for life.

Remember, a person who commits need to be punished - BUT even the Guilty deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Furthermore, it is our object to REHABILITATE and re-introduce wrong doers into society as good persons. 

it is sad that so many think this 'FUNNY' - And such response have simply motivated this local government to continue such a bad degrading practices?

PAS, DAP, BERSATU, PKR, AMANAH, WARISAN, UMNO, GERAKAN,... DO YOU ALSO THINK THERE IS NOTHING WRONG? This is not funny - and our new PH government need to take a principled stand on such practices.

Malanjum was asked his response to the forced community service meted out in Semporna, Sabah after several litterbugs were forced to don green vests with the word “MONYET” (monkey) emblazoned on them as part of their punishment for dumping garbage indiscriminately in the district earlier this week....The chief justice said that punishment has worked in Sabah due to the public shame rained on the perpetrators of misdemeanors and encouraged judges elsewhere to try it out.- Malay Mail, 11/1/2019 [According to the report, the Chief Justice of Malaysia, advocated use of community service as an alternative form punishment but did not specifically make any comment on the using of vests with the words 'Monyet'(monkey), it would be disappointing if he saw nothing wrong]

* Remember the sentence was fine of RM100, or do one hour community service - hence, it is likely that it is only the poor who cannot afford the fine that gets victimized here - This is no laughing matter, and everyone, including criminals and suspect, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity - that is what the UN standards say.

See MADPET's statement to understand why such practices must be immediately stopped? and also see earlier posts:-

Monkey around and pay the price in Semporna

SEMPORNA: Local authorities will continue ordering litterbugs to wear a special “upgraded” vest to fix the longstanding rubbish problem in Semporna, said district officer Bianus Kontong.

Kontong thanked the public for their feedback, including those who criticised them for ordering litterbugs to wear the vest with the word monyet (monkey).

He said instead of removing the word, the committee had decided to upgrade the vest with the image of a monkey and the words “kerja amal mengutip sampah”.
“We want to send out a message to all, including tourists and visitors, that we are serious about making Semporna trash-free.

“There were many positive and negative responses but we won’t budge on this matter,” he said yesterday.

Kontong said the committee tasked to clean up Semporna has set a key performance indicator for the district to be trash-free by April this year.

He said 48 people had been penalised for littering since the programme started in November last year, including two Chinese tourists.

Of that number, 32 people opted to pay the RM100 fine while the remaining chose to do the “one-hour” clean-up.

Kontong said they were mulling to increase the fine to RM500 and doubling the community service time to two hours, as well as introducing more “creative” penalties.

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal expressed confidence that the target would be met with the assistance from the public.

“We still need to do more to increase community participation so that the results and positive changes in attitude would be permanent.

“There must be continuous awareness and education to make cleanliness a part of our culture,” he told reporters after meeting local civil servants and community leaders. - Star, 15/1/2019


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