Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Unemployed man gets 7 years, cane for RM200 robbery - JUSTICE?

INJUSTICE - to be sentenced to 7 years and whipping for stealing RM200. If Najib or any others are found guilty of 'embezzling' millions or billions, will they then be sentenced to life imprisonment?

UNEMPLOYED - so maybe he was poor...could not find a job and no income for himself and dependants/family - should not this be seen as a FAILURE of GOVERNMENT. Yes, our government is responsible to make sure that all members of our community are not too POOR to resort to crime to get money to survive ... That is why government must focus on the wellbeing of individual Malaysians ...Help the poor get out of poverty...Help the unemployed find jobs...

He pleaded GUILTY - so normally his sentence will be one third the sentence...so, is not 7 years just a bit too extreme...?

We need to start caring for the 'small people' in Malaysia...

HOW MANY CRIMES LINKED TO POVERTY? BN government stopped giving us actual statistics ...just some crime index? Real statistics is important to know - we want to know about the number of thefts, robberies, snatch thieves, ...in that way, we will know whether government failing or not ...to address poverty that leads to desperation that leads to crime...

WHY was there no lawyer to represent this poor man?

Unemployed man gets 7 years, cane for RM200 robbery

Muhammad Syahiran Abdul Aziz has pleaded guilty to the armed robbery charge and expressed remorse. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 2, 2019.
AN unemployed man was sentenced to seven years in prison and four strokes of the cane by the Sessions Court in Kota Baru today after he pleaded guilty to robbing a convenience store in the city last month.

Judge Ahmad Bazli Bahruddin handed down the sentence to Muhammad Syahiran Abdul Aziz, 25, and ordered him to serve the sentence from the date of his arrest, last week.

Muhammad Syahiran was charged with robbing the convenience store in Taman Bendahara, Pengkalan Chepa, involving losses of RM200, while armed with a dangerous weapon at 2.15am last June 23.

In mitigation, Muhammad Syahiran, unrepresented, said he was remorseful. – Bernama, July 2, 2019.- Malaysian Insight, 2/7/2019

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