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UMNO - Are the delegates at the GM valid? Did ordinary members even have a say? Constitution Amendment is a 'big deal'?

UMNO is a society, and ultimately the decision whether to amend the party constitution is up to ALL its members. Noting that the UMNO General meeting was merely attended by 2,000 plus delegates - for the members choose the delegates at branch/division levels - the question arises whether the members did really choose the delegates - whether the delegates chosen are 'valid delegates' - or whether they chosen at branch/divisions years ago, i.e. after the 3 year term of office of branch/division leadership had expired possibly before mid-2021.

The question is the validity of the recent UMNO general meeting to amend the party Constitution to delay party elections until after GE15.

Well, we know that the legal 3-year term Zahid Hamidi and the national leadership of UMNO ended 30 June 2021....Elections ought to have been held before that for new UMNO leaders. Now, is the branch and division leadership also in a similar predicament? Did their legal term in office end - so they are on 'extended' time beyond the constitutionally set term in office.

Delaying elections is one thing, more so if the delay was brought about by an extraordinary factor like Covid-19, but amending the party Constitution is a totally different things.

Did the MEMBERS at Branch level even have a say - did they meet and decide to amend the Constitution at general meetings at the Branches? I did not see any news report about branch meetings contemplating and agreeing to amend the Constitution - did you? Likewise, did members at Division levels agree to amend the Constitution? As UMNO is important, we would have heard about these meetings that decided to amend.

If all the leadership at branch, division and national level are in office beyond their 3-year term....and now they have amended the Constitution to allow them to stay in office much longer, after the term expired in mid-2021, it really is ODD. The amendment is 'self-serving' for those in office beyond the 3 year term. Rightly, members would have chosen new leaders of Branches, Divisions and National level before June 2021...

We have had several State Elections, and other parties have also had elections - so, why is UMNO again delaying elections.

Are the incumbent leaders worried that they will be ousted by members if elections are held?

Then, there is the 'bad culture' in many Malaysian political parties that the national leadership has the power to determine who will be party's candidate when it comes to Parliamentary and State Elections. If there had been elections in time (i.e. before June 2021), the new leaders may have chosen a different set of candidates for GE 15. There is a sentiment to be rid of those who are facing corruption, etc charges - meaning that even Zahid Hamidi and Najib may have not been selected to contest in GE15,

Anyway, what the Registrar of Societies decide will set a precedence of how ALL Malaysian societies operate after this - and soon terms of office, as per the societies' Constitution, may be not followed and elections delayed indefinitely ....

As mention, this that is happening in UMNO is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - it is up to the millions of UMNO members to decide > But the forthcoming decision of the REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES will impact all other Societies in, we are watching 

 Is the Registrar of Societies(ROS) independent?

Now, if any member of the Society(in this case UMNO) is disappointed with the decision of the ROS, he/she '... may, within thirty days from the date of the decision of the Registrar, appeal against the decision to the Minister; and the Minister whose decision shall be final may confirm, reject or vary the decision of the Registrar....' 

Bur, then who is the MInister responsible? 

If unhappy with the decision of the Minister, then the matter can be taken to court for a JUDICIAL REVIEW?

Delegates agree to amend Umno constitution, party polls only after GE15


Sunday, 15 May 20223:58 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR: Delegates at Umno's extraordinary general meeting (EGM) have agreed to amend the party's constitution, which will now see party polls held within six months after the conclusion of the next general election.

The party amended Articles 10.16.1, 15.3 as well as 18.2 of its constitution for this purpose.

The amendments were tabled by Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin at the EGM on Sunday (May 15).

With the amendment to Article 10.16.1, the supreme council can postpone polls at the supreme council, division and branch levels.

The postponement cannot be for more than 18 months from the supposed date of election or within six months of a general election, whichever is later.

The amendment to Article 15.3 now allows the supreme council to postpone party polls for the three Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings, but these must be held within six months after the general election.

Following the amendment to Article 18.2, polls for branch chiefs, deputies and its 15 committee members can take place after the general election

The amendments received unanimous support from the 2,586 delegates present.

Umno had postponed its party elections for 18 months after the 2018/2021 term ended on June 30 last year, which meant that party elections for the 2021/2023 term must be held before Dec 30 this year.

However, the Umno general assembly in March agreed to postpone party polls up to six months after GE15 to allow the party to focus on the general election.

Earlier, secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said Umno had informed the Registrar of Societies of its decision to hold the extraordinary meeting on May 15 to amend the party constitution. - Star, 14/5/2022

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