Thursday, June 02, 2022

People must know now contents of Anti-Hopping Bill - wrong for politicians and political parties to discuss alone, with ordinary voters kept in the dark?

It is the people's rights that are violated when politicians change parties after being elected. 

So, why are the people being left out of the discussion about this Anti-Hopping laws... The irony is that 30 plus MPs that party hopped is part of the process. Transparency please... We are a democracy ..

A voter votes also based on what party the candidate comes from> They believe that the candidate stands for what the party stands for, now and before. Likewise voters vote based on the 'election Manifesto', like the PH Election Manifesto. 

2 weeks is just not enough time to anyone to get to know personally candidates standing for election.. Election Commission could have give us more time.. Maybe 30-45 days campaign period. Hence, a very short 14 days forces many without knowing candidates to simply vote along ethnic or religious lines... Or Based on  which party considerations....

 All the people were asking was SIMPLE -if any elected MP changes party or become independent, then automatic disqualification - and a by-election so voters can re-confirm who will be their MP... The party hopper candidate can also contest again. The purpose is that no person who no longer enjoys support of constituents remain as MP - when he/she is no longer the 'wakil rakyat' in truth.

Besides, party hopping, a MP can lose the support of his/her constituents... So, that may require other process to change MPs... But for now, focus just on party hopping.. And immediate by-elections. 

Take Azmin, do the majority even still want him as their MP - they voted him because he was a PH candidate - now, not only has he left PH but he is working with a new coalition government that includes BN? So, Azmin continuing to be MP, when all those who voted for him no longer supports him, is a violation of Democracy principles...??? Is he still the people of his Constituency's wakil rakyat for real... ARE the people of his Constituency now without their choice of MP since 2020s...? To confirm, a by-election is best... Will the people still choose Azmin, or another? That will settle the matter...

So, the Anti-Hopping law is all about the people's... the voters' rights... So why are government not including people in the discussion? Why are the matters arising from this bill being kept secret from the people.. 

We read that Cabinet is OK with the proposed Bill but for 2 issues... BUT they do not tell us the 2 issues... WHY? 

"However, the Cabinet wants two issues to be detailed and refined by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee," he said in a statement today, without disclosing the details of the matters raised...

 How can a democratic government  be not interested in the people's input... Why keep it secret? 











Anti-party hopping bill: Cabinet wants two issues to be refined

PUTRAJAYA: Two issues regarding a bill prohibiting Members of Parliament from switching parties, have been raised by the Cabinet when it was brought to the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Law and Parliament) Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said Attorney-General Tan Sri Idrus Harun had given an explanation to the Cabinet regarding the constitutional amendment and there is no objection to the draft proposed by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee.

"However, the Cabinet wants two issues to be detailed and refined by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee," he said in a statement today, without disclosing the details of the matters raised.

Wan Junaidi said according to the Dewan Rakyat Standing Order 85, information regarding the Select Committee cannot be disclosed to the public as it is still under discussion at the Parliamentary Special Select Committee level.

Overall, the Cabinet has taken note of the bill, Wan Junaidi said adding that the questions raised will be brought to the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on June 7 to be scrutinised before the bill is finalised.

It was previously reported that the bill is expected to be tabled as early as mid-July, when the Second Meeting of the Fifth Session of the 14th Parliament begins on July 18. – BERNAMA

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