Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Some workers are not EMPLOYEE of the Workplace - hence no employee rights against workplace operators - Will PM Anwar Ibrahim to protect worker rights - make sure all workers are EMPLOYEES at the place they work with a 'Contract of Service'? ?

We have been told that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has managed to secure about RM200 billion in foreign investment - that will lead them to maybe open factories/business and do projects in Malaysia. 

It is true that Malaysia has always attractive to foreign investors - more so when Malaysian Ringgit fell, which is translated to LESS monies cause lower labour cost,  WHAT OTHER INCENTIVES ARE MALAYSIA PROMISING?...a maintenance of low minimum wage at RM1,500 plus, get labour without entering into employer-employee relationship with workers - hence no obligation to respect and guarantee employee rights, easy termination/retrenchment, no need to pay KWSP/EPF, no trade union problems, can use your own workers - no commitment to using local workers, etc.??? What is it? Some companies from some countries are allowed to use their own country's workers - need not to provide employment to Malaysians. So what is it? TRANSPARENCY demands you tell us all - especially about worker rights.

Employer-Employee Relationship > You are my worker NOT My EMPLOYEE - so you cannot claim employee rights from me - I must only treat employees equally - not every worker working in my company -... Will Malaysia Under PM Anwar Ibrahim ensure that all workers working at a workplace are EMPLOYEES OF THE WORKPLACE? 


Worker Rights have continued to erode - and the Malaysian government did nothing, when it could for workers.

ONLY EMPLOYEES AT WORKPLACES - Now, in Malaysia, since the introduction of the Contractor For Labour(Labour Supplier) by the then BN regime in 2006, now allows workplaces that need workers to no longer employ their own employees.  

Employers can just enter labour supply agreements with the Contractor for Labour for the supply of certain number of workers to work at the workplace. So, the labour problem is resolved - without the employer at workplaces assuming normal employer obligations, or even laws that stipulate employee(not worker) rights.

The Workplace pays the Contractor For Labour, who then pays their supplied workers, whereby the Malaysian law considers the Contractor as the employer, and the supplied workers as their employees.

GETTING RID OF A WORKER - Simple, a phone call to the Labour Supplier, and the worker you wanted out is kicked out, and a new worker is supplied. So, no more problem about termination(no need Show Cause Letter, No Need Domestic Inquiry, No more need to show employee breach of contract or misconduct, no more worry about workers claiming wrongful dismissal and seeking reinstatement). Why? Simply because contractor supplied workers are NOT EMPLOYEES of the workplace.

The Malaysian Government has the power to ensure ALL workers at the workplace are employees of the workplace - 

2A  Minister may prohibit employment other than under contract of service 


(1) The Minister may by order prohibit the employment, engagement or contracting of any person or class of persons to carry out work in any occupation in any agricultural or industrial undertaking, constructional work, statutory body, local government authority, trade, business or place of work other than under a contract of service entered into with-

(a) the principal or owner of that agricultural or industrial undertaking, constructional work, trade, business or place of work; or

(b) that statutory body or that authority.

So, there is no need for any new law - The Minister can by order prohibit using any non-employee as workers at the workplace. 


Anwar meeting Geely tomorrow, had secured over RM200bil investment since Nov

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (picture) will be meeting Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely in Tanjung Malim, Perak tomorrow to look into the US$10 billion (RM45.3 billion) investment project and to explore the possibilities of the expansion of the automotive high-tech valley.

He said the meeting with Geely will also dispel rumours by certain quarters that the investment fell through.

“God willing, tomorrow (Oct 11) Geely will be with me for a visit to Tanjung Malim, in relation to the implementation of the major Automotive High Tech Valley project.

“This is to dismiss concerns or claims that the announcement (of the investment) might not be implemented. In this case, it happened.

“The official visit to China from March 29 to 31 this year has generated a potential investment value of RM170.07 billion, including investments from Geely,” Anwar said during the Prime Minister Question Time (PMQT) in the Dewan Rakyat today.

He was responding to a question by Tan Kar Hing (Pakatan Harapan-Gopeng) who asked the prime minister to state the outcomes of overseas visits, including investments, cooperation with other countries and the level of confidence of foreign investors in Malaysia.

The Tambun MP said taking office last November, the government has managed to secure over RM200bil in investment commitments from his 17 working trips overseas.

These included investment commitments from countries such as China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

These included RM100.33bil in investment commitments from roundtable sessions with industry players and Chinese business leaders as well as RM69.74bil from the 19 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked between Malaysian and Chinese companies during the trip.

In a related matter, Anwar said the government will take measures to make administrative reforms through the establishment of an investment and trade action coordination committee under the Investment, Trade and Industry Ministry to ensure that international and domestic direct investments and trades are realised as soon as possible.

“This will ensure that the projects are approved quickly. This is because there are concerns when it comes to the implementation. When (the investments are) approved, there are issues when it comes to the ease of business.

“Therefore, I have stressed that we should make an immediate change,” he said. – TMR - Malaysian Reserve, 10/10/2023



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