Sunday, August 24, 2008

Church in Triang, Pahang in risk of being demolished...

Last week some 1,000 persons protested the attempt to demolish an over 80 year old Catholic Church/Chapel in Triang, Pahang - and they were met by 200 over persons believed to be aligned to the Developer.

The FRU were there in full gear - and they caused the 'save the church' protest to end.

Well, it is a small Church in a 'rural Pahang town' - and looking through the newspapers, I saw almost no report of the struggle of the community to preserve their 'heritage' church - nothing about that 1,000 strong protest...nothing really.

And that makes me wonder of the actual number of placesa of worship that is being demolished and torn down in Malaysia.

I hope the Pahang State Government, which is a BN government, and also the Federal Government step in and ensure that this very old Church is preserved - and not demolished.

Hopefully, after Permatang Pauh - maybe the media and others could also look at what is happening in small town Triang in Pahang --- and do the needful to safe this church.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bernard Dompok, what the heck are you doing? Sleeping?

Kindly do what you are elected to do - look after the interest of our interest group.

Kindly voice your indignation publicly in all newspapers and ask AAB and Najib just what the heck is going on?

Don't just keep quiet. That's "sell-outs'" and spineless representatives' ways. The way UMNO likes it.

Don't call yourself a Christaian if you can't defend the faith!

amoker said...

Another such story of persecution. An orang Asli church in Kampung Kemandol in Shah Alam is also thrreatened to be demolished by the developers.

Anonymous said...

you investigate &compile the list....alarming numbers will make people "move". only a handful of us have access to internet/blog...the majority rely on "popular" media, so enlighten us with your findings to jolt the majority from their slumber of ignorant bliss before it is too late...please

Anonymous said...

The threat of official EXCOMMUNICATION of these so-called Catholic politicians in the BN (and, for that matter, in the Opposition, so Charles, you too had better watch it) who do not stand up for the rights of their own religion ought to put the fear of GOD into them.

Anonymous said...

I thought it is stated in Federal Constitution that it is a given right for Church, Temple or any house of worship to have place under the sun and be protected from overzealous Greedy (Moneyed/evil/heartless/ cruel people) in this democratic country.

Yes YBs/Ministers (opposition or otherwise) and all must protect our democracy and democratic principle by protecting rights and place of worships.

Where are all those that believe in democracy that are in authorities or otherwise, let's hope all rise, be counted and stand for this democracy and right to freedom especially in worship of own God in this country of ours!