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MCA, not the DAP or PKR or PAS, that criticizes MB Selangor's racist behaviour

Selangor PR Menteri Besar and government seems to be worse that the BN - because the MB is out looking for a Bumiputra (does that mean Malay, Kadazan, Iban....) to lead the PKNS - not the best qualified person. It would have been OK if the MB talked about the person having to be a person from Selangor ...or a Selangor citizen.

Did DAP protest the statement of Selangor MB? Did PKR or AI protest the statement of the MB?...

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should have searched among the non-bumiputra candidates to find suitable candidates to fill the Selangor State Development Corporation general manager’s post.

Wanita MCA chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said Khalid should have been firm on his principle of adhering to the criteria of “capability as the main guideline in any selected position regardless of race”.

She questioned why the state government had not requested its Pakatan Rakyat partners, DAP or PKR to submit a list which had talented people of various races to fill the vacancy.

Chew was referring to a recent statement by Khalid that the position of the corporation chief would be filled by a bumiputra candidate after acting general manager Low Siew Moi’s one-year extension ends.- Star, 5/11/2005

Statements like this will keep the people in Malaysia divided - and this is certainly not the kind of behaviour I expected from the Pakatan Rakyat government..

In an earlier post, 'Anwar and PR must apologize for racist conduct' -
I also looked at the PKNS, and the other Selangor State owned company - and the same phenomena is seen with regard to Board members, etc.. (There is only 1 and the same Chinese woman in the Board of PKNS and some of its subsidiaries/related companies. Maybe, she is the accountant....mmm).
And guess, who that 'only 1 and same Chinese woman' was? Yes, it was - Low Siew Moi.

Remember also when the Selangor MB appointed 4 more Bumiputras to the the already 100 percent Bumiputra Board of Directors of UNISEL (Universiti Industri Selangor) - the question was raised as to why this happened. See my earlier post, 'UNISEL Board of Directors - Is Pakatan Rakyat Any Different from BN?'

Just go check and see whether there are any non-Malays, other than Low Siew Moi, in the Selangor government owned and controlled entitys. How many? In fact, look also at the ethnicity of persons in management as well.

March 2008 ---- that is 8 months ago since Pakatan Rakyat took over the Selangor State government.

In Kelantan, where there are 99% Malays - I may not be questioning the racial/ethnic composition of the Board of Directors, etc...but this is Selangor...

It is not quotas - ethnic/racial quotas that we are calling for - but just an indication that Selangor is more than just Malay in these government owned and controlled entities...

The best qualified Selangorian - that should be the criteria.

Selangor MB have been making too many mistakes...he is an embarassment...Maybe the PR should consider removing this man, who demonstrates a lot of UMNO characteristics, from the position of MB.

Many say that we have to do this and continue the UMNO led-BN practices and appoint only Bumis as heads ...and into the Board... because, if we start acting like the true 'Reformasi Pakatan Rakyat', then we may lose the support of the people and we will not be able to get into power the next time around... I do not agree with this kind of thinking.

Slow and steady they say... I say that there is not even a 'slow and steady' approach is a 'stagnant and maintain' approach in most areas..

I believe that 'Low Siew Moi' was only appointed as the 'interim temporary' head of PKNS because the others in the Board may have been 'anti-Khalid' or 'anti-PR' or 'too close to UMNO and their old political masters'...simple as that.

Low Siew Moi, was, I believe, the 'don't rock the boat type' - I obey whoever is the current MB type.

It was certainly not because Selangor MB wanted to behave progressive and appoint a 'non-Bumi' as head of PKNS to show that PR was not at all like UMNO led-BN. Most likely, he did not have a choice. - this is just me speculating and guessing.

Why do I say so? Just look and see whether there have been an infusion of any new Directors or persons in them Management Team who are from the other than Malay ethnic groups....

When there is a new government - change has to come quickly - delay is not the answer..

Local Council Elections - when will we have it? Are there preparations being done to prepare for local council elections.

Elections of Kampung/Taman/Kampung Baru heads and committee - when will we have this? Nothing in the law that prevents Selangor and other PR states from allowing people to elect these leaders.

Elections of Penghulu..

There has been a change of government - a change of the peope sitting as the MB and the State Exco ...and is that it...go read George Orwell's Animal Farm...(which is a story of what may have happened in Selangor government...)

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