Sunday, November 02, 2008

PR Penang State government wastes money and time for overseas trip for 52 to S.Korea...

Wasting the peoples' money is wrong. The quantum is immaterial. BN may have squandered billions, but it cannot justify Pakatan squandering even thousands.

A good question for Lim Guan Eng - Why send 52 persons for a 5 day 'trade-mission' to South Kora? How much did the State spend? Who were in this large delegation? How were they chosen? Were they Pakatan cronies? Did the wife pay for herself?

The state government came under fire from local BN leaders, especially from Umno and Gerakan, for allegedly wasting public funds in an unusually large 52-person trade delegation to South Korea for a five-day trip beginning Oct 27.

They also questioned the reasons for Lim to take along his wife, Betty Chew, Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin and parliamentarians Jeff Ooi, who is the state industrial relations coordinator and an InvestPenang director, Liew Chin Tong, to South Korea. - Malaysiakini, 2/11/2008 - Lim defends Korean trade mission

I read the Malaysiakini report entitled "Lim defends Korean trade mission" but alas, it looked very much like any other BN politician.

Distract-- he talked about "He said the critics, mainly Barisan Nasional politicians, should have instead saved their time and energy to scrutinise and criticise the RM23.7 billion wastage caused by three major scandals recently...."

Not really respond - Reading the report, I am sad to say that the questions have not been answered. When asked to divulge the BUDGET - he procrastinated, saying that some other will provide answers in a few days. Come now - is he not the Chief Minister. Are we not in an age when it is so easy to communicate and get necessary information?

And most shocking was that the trip had only managed to get some money to build a GOLF COURSE....
Lim said BN politicians should have criticised those scandals if they were serious and sincere to wiping out wastage and leakages of public funds, instead of disapproving his Far East delegation, which had secured a RM100 million Korean investment to construct a golf course in the Batu Kawan parliamentary constituency.- Malaysiakini, 2/11/2008 - Lim defends Korean trade mission
I think Kit Siang would also not be able to defend what Guan Eng did here....this nice 5 day trip to South Korea for 52 persons. I only hoped that they did not use State Money to pay for the 52.

Maybe the Malaysiakini report was not complete and accurate - BUT tell me where I can find out the truth about this 'scandal'


Anonymous said...

Sure the Penang Government should show the way by detailing the amount of the taxpayer money used to fund the trip and the amount being sponsored by the private sector if any. Also they should provide informations as to the dialogues taken place and the korean private enterprises involved in such discussion. No one would expect substantial results from such mission but still a detailed reports may show that at least the PR government has a more responsible attitude towards the general public.

Anonymous said...

MSM media spin by Bee Ant against PR Penang State Govt.

Wait for details, ok.

Syabas to all Peacemakers.

Anonymous said...

I had just written this comment on anilnetto's blog.

"If a local builds the golf course, the money comes from within. Any local developer willing to take a risk on this project?

I do not dispute your concern about the environment, “eating golf balls” etc., but I believe what the govt is trying to do is to bring in foreign exchange and employment to our locals.

e.g. US$20,000 is given as a bonus to a banker + big salary + Biz class travels + 5-star hotels + car + food. He signs up to US$50 - 100 mio worth of fixed deposits. What is US$50,000 spent on him in a year? I used to work for an international bank, and the money they pump into seminars, offsites, and training their staff is enormous … but they look long-term for returns.

Yes, I am not for more golf courses too, especially if the Koreans drive me mad when they do not observe any golf etiquettes on the course … but job opportunities and churning money for Penang seems to be valuable and a priority at this time.

Objectively, I would also think the CM is smart enough not to abuse his powers.

Cheers … ylcw"

Anonymous said...

Lets be patient, let them explain temselves first when they are back home. If the end results are enormous then all of us shut up. Otherwise, get ready for some big time scolding

Anonymous said...

Smart move by PR Penang Goverment to bring in tourist dollars to spearhead the tertiary sectors.

BeeEnd opposition losers could only oppose as their agenda .

BeeEnd Federal Govt allowed Penang Hill cable Cars to rot away , right.No one attack BeeEnd ? Strange ?

My salute to all Peacemakers.

Monsterball said...

Penang, more than any other state in Malaysia, is dependent on continued foreign investment for its economy.

Investment road-shows sound a bit old-fashioned, but they are still very necessary to influence potential investors. Don't underestimate the importance of face-to-face "selling", networking, exchanging information and contacts.
There were many private sector participants in the mission, and they or their organisation paid for their personal costs.
The government paid for the travel costs of the government members (of course) and the cost of organising talks and meetings in Korea.
Lim GE should take the initiative to make public the expenditure after the trip.

Anonymous said...

Kittykat46 is right.

I posted this on anilnetto's blog.

"“mut on November 3rd, 2008 at 11.02am
What I don’t get is why the delegation had to be so big.”

Overseas missions normally do not consist solely of govt officials. Local businessmen interested in biz opportunities with Koreans are invited along. I believe they make up the majority, and they pay for their own expenses!!


To “Ree on November 3rd, 2008 at 11.45am
Another golf course?
Where is the development for the people?
….. Golf course is way below on Penang priority list.”

Pse read the poem from “caravanserai on November 3rd, 2008 at 10.36am”
Let’s admit it - the present government is broke - by the previous BN government, and you are not going to get any help from the Federal govt. You have to be capable, pull yourselves together, find the means to get back in the black again - THEN can you look into your grievances. First the egg, then the chicken.

..... this is reality!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Charles.

I made an error ...pse correct .. I think shd be first the chicken, then the egg. Tks