Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chief Justice Zaki Azmi admited he bribed....CORRUPTION?

Chief Justice confessed that he bribed court officials when he was a lawyer - this is clear from the New Straits Times report..

"What I am telling you is not fiction but based on my own experience in private practice," he said at an integrity convention here.

Recalling an incident in 1987, Zaki said he was "blacklisted" when he complained to the chief registrar of two missing files belonging to his clients.

"It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.

"That was my personal experience, and I am telling this to all the clerks and all the registries to stop this nonsense and I know this is happening, even as late as last week... a lawyer came to see me."

He added that the clerk asked the lawyer to come the next day to collect the file after saying "tapi jangan lupa, ya", signalling him to come with cash. - New Straits Times, 8/11/2008 -Stop it now, corrupt court staff warned

He admitted to bribing - and I believe that it is (and was) an offence in this country and there is no limitation when it comes to crime.

He may be the head of the Malaysian Judiciary - but still he is not above the law.

I hope that the ACA and/or the police take immediate action based on his own reported admission.

Investigation hopefully will also result in action taken against all them court officials that received Zaki Azmi's bribes...

The Bar Council should also commence disciplinary action against him (or his firm) if possible - and maybe also investigate that lawyer that Zaki Azmi talked to last week according to the report.

Zaki Azmi is not immune just because he is the Head of the Malaysian judiciary ...or is he?


Anonymous said...

ACA? They say 'No Case' faster than the PAC said the same for the Eurocopter deal. Remember we are in Malaysia, are we not?

Ikrak said...

What the 5% commission on the submarine deal? That is corruption?

Investigate that first. Zaki Azmi's type of corruptions happen every hour of the day. It is the BN-UMNO trademark. CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

Zaki should be sent to prison for bribery. Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

In m'sia,there r things CJ Zaki Azmi did like everybody else.When u r not there yet, u have 2 bite the bullet to CHANGE that when u r there.I respect him.

Anonymous said...

Good job YB Charles!

You have an eagle eye!

You really worth the taxpayers money in keeping you in Parliament!

Anonymous said...

its easy to be idealistic when you are wealthy. try doing that when you are trying to get ahead and survive.

It is a dog eat dog world out there.

I remember an old saying, "there is no such thing as a free lunch".

I respect the CJ call, but he did admit his past actions. Hopefully he sticks to his new attitude and do good.

No one is perfect and neither is he, he did what had to do to survive. Lets not lynch him for it.

What would you do if your were in his shoes?

casper c said...

Enough there to disqualify himself. This is stupidity in action, yet another low for the Judiciary but considering his UMNO pedigree, why am I not surprise !

Problem for us all, this Zaki fella stays and no one can do anything about it unless the King and fellow rulers reconsider Zaki's appointment. Fire away a petition Charlie.

Anonymous said...


benefit of doubt.. I don't mind on what he did (few years back)provided he's willing to change the whole system and be clean and fair in future..

Maybe inorder to fight u need to learn from it first... If we take someone clean and never experience something like this, he will never know how stink the system is!

There's always a limit to something, I can accept a chief judge who had experience giving out bribe before (atleast he's honest and willing to change) than a PM who is a murderer and till now insist he got nothing to do with it.. People make mistake, don't tell me u never did Mr. Charles..

Come on.. atleast he's better than Hamid Botak (never admit he's wrong) Nagib (never knew mongolian girl) Pak Lah (flip flopping)..

why we knew police can be bribe? cause most of us experience it..

Cruzeiro said...

Zaki can't even hide his shameful conduct?????

God help Malaysia!
We now have a loose cannon, a morally unzippered moron, helming the Judiciary!!