Monday, November 03, 2008

Najib's win without elections an indication of FEAR (not UNITY) within UMNO

Najib's win uncontested only shows that FEAR still dominates UMNO members at division level, more so when the votes for the nominations had to be cast by a show of hands and not secret ballot..

Najib's wins because of the draconian requirement of divisional nominations - he wins because no one else will be able to get sufficient nominations.

Najib's win is not because the majority in UMNO at the General Assembly voted for him...

Najib's win is not because the majority of UMNO members voted for him. Fact is the ordinary UMNO members at the Branch level really has no vote, let alone say in who gets nominated. Remember key UMNO personalities tell them branch persons not to discuss who should be Party President, etc....that was for those who get chosen to attend the Division level meeting...

Do a secret ballot in UMNO - and see how many wants Najib to be President - I believe that if it was a secret ballot, then Najib may not even get 50% of UMNO members who want him to be President.

And mind you, Najib wants that quota system to stay - for sure to prevent the situation where members will be able to vote for their President...
The quota system in the Umno elections will remain but members can decide if they want it abolished, said party deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak....The Umno constitution states that a candidate for the post of president needs to secure at least 30% of the nominations, deputy president 20%, vice-president 10% and ordinary supreme council member 5%. - Star, 11/10/2008 - Election quota to stay

And Muhyiddin, who still may face elections for the post of Deputy, really reads things oddly...

Najib Abdul Razak's contest-free ascension to power in Umno is an indication that a strong unity exists within the party, said Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin.

"Congratulations to Najib for winning uncontested the Umno presidency. We have always believed from the very beginning that he will be given the fullest support and endorsement from members. And this is proven," Muhyiddin was quoted as saying the Star Online today. - Malaysiakini, 3/11/2008 - Muhyiddin: Najib's win shows Umno is united

And I am 99 per cent sure that none of the remaining Divisions will nominate anyone else other than Mohd Najib Razak for President. It will be good to see some BRAVE UMNO Divisions exercising their freedom of opinion and independence, and nominate some other than Najib.

Well, UMNO Divisions are not fools - they surely do not want to get into any 'Black Lists' of the next PM. In fact, it will be unanimous from now on - save for a few abstentions, maybe.

It will be good to know whether the Divisions that nominated Najib did so unanimously - or was it just by simple majority in most Divisions. Important information to assess the character and quality of UMNO membership.


Unknown said...

Even the PI Bala left the country & have to change his declaration.Najib will stick to ISA as long as he can. If not he would be pull into the controversal of Atantuya case.Who dare to touch him.Well, let see what THE SILENT MAJORITY has to say in the next election.I wonder why Bala has not be call in. Hmmm....Why Raja Petra was charge under ISA.Insulting Islam???but he was referring those are sinful.If those who are not sinful would want to arrest him? We silent majority can still wait for the next election.We don't mind Anwar taking over the next goverment.

Anonymous said...

What fear? Money talks la...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

"In the land of the blind the one eye is king"
Since afterall there's nobody else to cling (on)
So there's no need to play the game of ding (dong)
And to play safe everyone wants to be inside the same ring

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Mon. 3rd Nov. 2008.