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Paying way too much to our Malaysian MPs, Ministers...present and past? REFORMS needed

In Malaysia, where the Minimum Wage is RM1,100 per month, Malaysian Members of Parliament(MP) and Ministers may be earning just too much ...MPs get an entertainment allowance of RM2,500 which is more than 2 times the Minimum Wage...

At a time when Malaysia's financial position is so bad that even ordinary Malaysians have been donating wonders whether MP allowances and salary should be cut...

What about the other perks - Remember MP Zuraida and her cars - '..

Zuraida also stressed that the vehicles were bought at nearly 50 percent discount using facilities provided to all federal lawmakers.
"Every MP will get one AP (approved permit) for each term. We were also given a quota for one vehicle with reduced excise duty. The other facility is a RM100,000 loan to buy a car.
"So if I don't use these facilities, am I not stupid? In two-terms I have (bought) six cars," Zuraida said,..- PKR's Zuraida Kamaruddin reveals disturbing concerns ...which PKR,DAP,PAS ...must explain?

Are we using too much of the peoples' monies for MPs? Please tell us all the 'perks' that MPs get ...Do they get daily attendance of RM400 allowance for being in the Dewan for a few minutes ...after all, most times we see so few MPs.. 

MPs need financial support to maintain offices(support centres), staff(including research assistants, clerks, personal assistants, etc) - BUT all these must be paid directly....NOT by the HIGH salary and high allowances. PH MPs now is said to get RM1.5 million per year - but where are the accounts? They should not be using this monies for 'kleptocracy' or for paying for services that really is the responsibility of specific Ministries or departments...

'Santa Claus' MP/ADUN of Pakatan Harapan just like BN? NO please.

Time for MPs to be provided with MORE paid support staff,....

Batu MP P. Prabakaran - What happened to the RM1.5 million? All MPs, now and before, must provide accounts and be accountable?

Peoples' Money - Was there 'kleptocracy' and abuses on monies MPs get? RM5 mil? RM1.5 mil? Should MACC investigate?

How can we save monies? Cut the allowances and other benefits of MPs and members of the Cabinet...

PENSIONS - after 36 months, an MP is entitled to pension..after 55 years of age..

GRATUITY - they also receive gratuity ...when they cease to be MP, Minister, etc..

Really, how much our the peoples' monies is wasted on MPs and former MPs...Ministers...Prime Ministers... Maybe, these pensions and/or gratuity should be eliminated ...or a Maximum pension stipulated ...maybe not more than RM5,000 or less per month? [After all, they cannot be said to be poor in need of pensions as many are RICH or have other sources of income...]

SALARY AND ALLOWANCE - Really if an MP is the Prime Minister or a Minister, he should be entitled only to the ONE higher salary or allowance, and get both the salary and allowance of an MP PLUS the salary of Minister? But is this so because section 6(2) MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT (REMUNERATION) ACT 1980 seems to suggest they get both...which is not right..

6  Remuneration of Members of the Administration(This include PM, DPM, Ministers,...)

(2)(a) Where a Member of the Administration is a member of the Senate, he shall be entitled, in addition to the salary specified in subsection (1), to the monthly allowance payable to him as a member of the Senate as specified in paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 3. 

(b) Where a Member of the Administration is a member of the House of Representatives, he shall be entitled, in addition to the salary specified in subsection (1), to the monthly allowance payable to him as a member of the House of Representatives as specified in paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section 3.

3  Remuneration of Members of Parliament

(1) The remuneration of Members of Parliament shall consist of-
(a) in the case of a member of the Senate, a monthly allowance of eleven thousand ringgit;

(b) in the case of a member of the House of Representatives, a monthly allowance of sixteen thousand ringgit.

Really, if a person is a Minister, he/she should just be entitled to the higher salary and allowance of the MINISTER not to both that is plus his/her MP's allowance/salary? 

Maybe the ACT need be amended to reflect this CLEARLY...

MPs are peoples' representative - but they EARN so much more than the ordinary people they represent ...ODD is it not?


How much do Pakatan ministers and MPs actually earn? Saifuddin Nasution explains

The allowance list is listed as ‘confidential’, but Saifuddin said he agreed to share the details as ‘there is nothing to hide’. ― Picture by Miera Zulyana
The allowance list is listed as ‘confidential’, but Saifuddin said he agreed to share the details as ‘there is nothing to hide’. ― Picture by Miera Zulyana
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 — In the interest of transparency, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has reportedly revealed the allowance of Pakatan Harapan (PH) lawmakers and ministers.

Detailing the allowance list to Malaysiakini, Saifuddin said that PH ministers are paid exactly what BN ministers made in the previous administration, but with a 10 per cent reduction.

The allowance list is listed as “confidential”, but Saifuddin said he agreed to share the details as “there is nothing to hide”.

“When government files are labelled as ‘confidential’, it means the letter, circular or document cannot be circulated but the contents and details can be shared. 

“There is nothing to hide. My view on this issue of this viral image [on ministers’ allowance] is to be transparent with our incomes and not exploit or partake in corruption. The rest, we leave to the rakyat,” he said.

He was referring to a news report on how a PH minister allegedly can claim RM5,700 a month for parking.

Saifuddin explained that a PH minister is paid RM13,400 a month in salary, as well as the RM16,000 monthly wage as an MP.

A PH minister also enjoys the same allowance as other lawmakers; however, without the RM400 per day allotment to attend parliamentary sittings, he said.

Saifuddin then detailed what PH ministers can claim as follows:

Entertainment allowance: RM12,000
Cabinet minister’s allowance: RM4,000
Housing allowance: RM4,000 (not claimable if residing in an official residence)
Domestic helper allowance: RM2,500
Driver allowance: RM2,500

Ministers can also claim a vacation allowance that includes first- or business-class air travel for their spouse, and economy class for their children below the age of 21.

Ministers can also claim a daily subsistence and food allowance if they travel for work. Saifuddin, however, said he did not remember the exact amount.

Members of the Dewan Rakyat’s allowance

While the allowance of a Cabinet minister is not detailed by the Treasury Department, all ministers, deputy ministers and their respective political secretaries have publicly declared their monthly incomes, allowance and assets to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), and the information is accessible to the public.

This differs from the allowance for lawmakers, including the Speaker and deputy Speakers of the upper and lower houses which available through Statute Papers published on the Parliament website.

Listed below is the allowance accorded to lawmakers:

Attendance for Parliamentary sittings: RM400 per day 
Attendance for government agency meetings or workshops: RM300 per day
Entertainment allowance: RM2,500 per month
Special payment: RM1,500 per month (except if the MP is member of the administration)
Business-class air travel allowance and first-class rail travel allowance
Hotel allowance when overseas: Standard room
Hotel allowance when on domestic duty more than 32km from home: No more than RM400 a night
Daily stipend during business trips: RM100 a night (domestic), RM170 a night (international)
Food allowance when overseas: RM340 a night
Fixed travel allowance: RM1,500 per month
Fuel allowance: RM1,500 per month
Toll allowance: RM300 per month
Driver allowance: RM1,500 per month
Black-tie attire subsidy: RM1,500

Saifuddin’s revelation to Malaysiakini comes after public uproar over the Public Service Department’s announcement that it would stop paying critical service incentives to newly recruited professional civil servants.

The Critical Services Incentive Payment or BIPK — a special allowance worth RM750 — is intended to attract and retain skilled workers in professions deemed vital to the country’s development.

Those serving in the public sector who will be affected include government-employed nursing lecturers, doctors, pharmacists, medical officers, engineers and lecturers. - Malay Mail, 27/12/2019

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