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Peoples' Money - Was there 'kleptocracy' and abuses on monies MPs get? RM5 mil? RM1.5 mil? Should MACC investigate?

BN used to give their MPs at least RM5 million every year -  it was criticized by Lim Kit Siang who said ... ' if taxpayers’ money are the private funds of the Umno/BN ministers and MPs,...' - 'this “moral blind spot” is the root of grand corruption in the top echelons of the ruling government...' read Malaysiakini report below. 

Now Pakatan Harapan is also giving their MPs money - 'RM1.5 million plus RM300,000 for service centres'
He [Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong] said that now, Pakatan lawmakers are given RM1.5mil and an additional RM300,000 for their service centres, but there is nothing given to Opposition lawmakers. 

The government every year allocates monies to the different Ministries, government departments and agencies which is meant for them to do all that comes within their responsibilities all over the country. Hence this MP's moneys should really not be used for works already supposed to be done done by these Ministries, departments or, what exactly has the MPs been doing with this money?

Do the various MPs publicly display their accounts - TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. No, why then are they 'hiding'?

Are some of the monies received getting lost by reason of 'kleptocracy' or abuses? Are they taking the monies themselves? Are they giving it to their friends and family? ARE THEY 'buying votes' or maintaining their popular support using these monies? Is there discrimination in how the funds are being used? Are Opposition members and supporters also being assisted?

They repaired drains - How was the Contractor selected? Was there an 'open tender'? Was it given to just friends and party members? Was the contract price 'inflated' to enrich some wrongly?

Money for service centers? Are they paying 'higher rent' than normal? Are they paying 'very high salary' to some of their staff? Are they paying EPF and SOCSO? Are their employees even registered? Are they paying for just the phone bills of their 'service centres'...or also their own home and other personal phones?

MPs are famous for making 'donations' for this and that...When ordinary people make donations, it is their own money > so, are MPs donating their own money, after all they earn more than RM16,000 being the salary of an MP, or are they not being truly generous, but in fact is merely handing out this 'government allocations'?

In the past, from personal experience, when you do not invite the BN man to your organisational function, and usually also to give a speech - well, then you do not get any 'donations' from him or her? So, people invited MPs or ADUNs really for these 'donations' rather than for some other more honorable reasons...If there is no chance of getting donations or 'financial contributions', will many of these even invite MPs or party leaders? I wonder...

So, the 'money' really diminishes respect for MPs and leaders, and also confuses the true role of the MP? Is this what Pakatan Harapan want? 

By the way, how many Pakataan Harapan leaders have been having regular 'town hall' sessions with their own constituents, that is open to all constituents? How can one be a peoples' representative without having regular consultation with the people...? Smiling, waving, shaking hands, giving 'donations' or even giving just not enough...Do our MPs now adopt the view "LISTEN...LISTEN...I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND THE PEOPLE?'

Anyway, time for disclosure of ACCOUNTS by MPs, ADUNS..
Time for all these Accounts to be AUDITED by the Auditor General...

Or maybe, there need to be REFORMS - allocations for MPs only to cover service centres, staff (or should they be made into 'civil servants'?), meet the people events including 'town hall sessions', forums, consultation sessions, ...websites and social media costs, rights education programs, etc..How many service centers and staff be based on size of constituency?

Maybe no more allocation for constituency funds for development, maintenance, welfare, wheel chairs,   - all will flow directly from relevant Ministries and departments.

Uproar in Dewan Rakyat over allocations for MPs

Monday, 01 Apr 2019 10:57 AM MYT


KUALA LUMPUR: A shouting match erupted in the Dewan Rakyat, after Opposition lawmakers questioned the allocations that were promised to them under the Pakatan Harapan election manifesto.

Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong (BN-Ayer Hitam) urged the Pakatan government to keep its promise in its election manifesto.

The manifesto had said there would be funding based on a transparent formula to all Dewan Rakyat lawmakers, so that they can carry out their responsibilities in their respective constituencies and operate their service centres.

“Pakatan was seen as being positive in giving equal funding for all, which is why the people chose Pakatan.

“I want to know, when YB Langkawi (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) became the Prime Minister, he announced (RM100,000) allocation for all Opposition lawmakers; that was his first announcement.

Dr Mahathir had announced in June last year that Pakatan lawmakers would be given RM500,000.

“Who cancelled that (earlier) announcement, not even one cent was given to us,” said Dr Wee.

He said that now, Pakatan lawmakers are given RM1.5mil and an additional RM300,000 for their service centres, but there is nothing given to Opposition lawmakers.

Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi (PAS-Tumpat) said that it was a form of discrimination and is unfair for the people.

“The people chose their MPs but the government has provided a very small allocation for the Opposition lawmakers, this is discrimination and unfair to the people who voted for the Opposition,” he added.

Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) said the allocations should be given based on the needs of a particular constituency.

“If Kangar needs more, or Pasir Gudang needs more, then give them, but if Pasir Salak asks, also give Pasir Salak an allocation,” he quipped.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Md Farid Md Rafik said in response that the allocations for lawmakers were released last week and can be used.

He added that this was a first step to a good beginning, as it is the first time such allocations have been implemented.

“We can have improvements from time to time, based on the economy as well as based on the discretion of the Prime Minister,” he said in his winding up debate on the Royal address for his ministry on Monday (April 1).

He said that the allocations given to Pakatan MP are special allocations totalling RM1.5mil for this year.

“Last year, there was RM500,000 and an additional of RM500,000 given to (Pakatan) MPs.

“The Pakatan lawmakers were also given RM300,000 to manage their service centres,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had lodged a police report over the leaked investigation papers involving the Penang undersea tunnel project.

He said the MACC had lodged a report on Feb 28 this year.

“The police report is regarding the leak of investigation papers of the Penang undersea tunnel project.

“It is under police investigation and it is still being probed,” he said.

Dr Wee had earlier took the government to task for not confirming or revealing any information on MACC’s report lodged over the leaked investigation papers involving the Penang undersea tunnel project.

He urged the government to reveal the content of the report and authenticity of information leaked.

“We want to know whether it is true or not, as we want to correct what is wrong.

“This is not something that we can play around,” he added.

The Ayer Hitam MP also urged the government to state how can the investigation papers got leaked as it involved the integrity of MACC.

“The most important thing is the reputation of MACC and why no action was taken,” he asked.

To this, Hanipa said a police report is a public document and can be acquired from the police.

“It is a public document, and anybody is entitled to look into the report,” said Hanipa.

It was reported that political blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin posted several articles on his blog, said to contain the leaked information.

The blogger alleged that several Penang state exco members were being scrutinised in the MACC’s probe into the project.

The 7.2km undersea tunnel is part of a RM6.3bil, which also includes three paired roads.  - Star, 1/4/2019

'Najib buying support with more MP funds?'

Published:  |  Modified:
An opposition veteran has slammed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on his move to increase the allocation for BN parliamentarians as a move to “buy” their support in the face of his political crisis.

“On Sunday, Najib announced that more money will be provided for Umno/BN MPs next year, with financial allocations to BN parliamentary constituencies increased from RM5 million for each Umno/BN MP.

“Imagine a more than 50-fold increase for Umno/BN MPs allegedly for their constituency development from four decades ago - which is denied to opposition MPs, as if taxpayers’ money are the private funds of the Umno/BN ministers and MPs,” Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang said in a statement today.

Lim said this “moral blind spot” is the root of grand corruption in the top echelons of the ruling government.

“Here is where corruption started - the fatal moral blind spot to distinguish between right from wrong,” said Lim.

Opposition MPs have been attempting to redress the disproportionate allocations that the BN government gives to opposition MPs compared to their own, without success.

In particular, Sungai Siput MP Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj challenged the allocations in court in 2010 but eventually failed after appealing up to the Federal Court level in 2013.

Najib lon Sunday promised his MPs an increase , in the face of an alleged plot to remove him from office through a no confidence vote or MP declarations.

"Before it (the constituency allocation) was RM1 million, now it is RM5 million but next year there will be more.

“I will make an announcement about what we can do," Najib told Umno members at the Gerik Umno meet on Sunday according to Bernama .

‘Can’t tell right from wrong’ 
Lim, commenting on the present fiasco over the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal accounts, now claimed to be a political donation, said giving extra MP allocations was a form of corruption.

“Political corruption takes many forms and has many causes.

“For instance, the annual allocation of RM100,000 a year for BN parliamentary constituencies for minor development projects is a form of political corruption.

“Yet the government cannot recognise it for what it is, which shows that it has a moral blind spot which prevents it from discerning what is morally right and what is morally wrong,” the DAP parliamentary leader said.

“This moral blind spot, which prevents government leaders from distinguishing between what is right and wrong, politically and morally if not yet legally, has worsened over the years.”

Lim also referred to how his challenge this week to Umno leaders whether they had received any money from Najib’s RM2.6 billion had met with near total silence, with the exception of Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.

“Malaysians are intrigued why Anifah is the only one out of 69 ministers and deputy ministers (senators will have to be excluded) who dared to declare that he has not received any funding from Najib’s RM2.6 billion personal accounts for the 13th GE campaign,” noted Lim.

He said if such moral blind spots over corruption are not eradicated and persist among the government ministers and leaders, any attempt by Najib to propose his political funding reform is “doomed to failure”.- Malaysiakini, 20/8/2015

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