Sunday, April 06, 2008

Did the people in the village tell the "village heads" to resign? Or was it just the decision of the "association"? or...

Perak Village Heads Association - we did not even know about the existence of such an association....

Now the question is whether these "village heads" consulted the people in the villages that they represented before tendering their resignation? But then these village heads were most likely never even the choice of the people of the village -- as there was no elections BUT an appointment made by the "Political Masters".

I have no idea as to who is my "village head" and/or my "members 'of the JKKK and the JKKT" - and there is also no communication between these reps of the people and the people --- so how do they even be the "reps of the people" at those meetings with the Local Council and/or other parties... and what exactly have they agreed to and not agreed to....


Perak government reviewing en masse resignations of village heads

IPOH, Sat.:

The Perak government is reviewing the en masse resignation by 726 village heads in the state on suspicion that they might have been forced or pressured by certain quarters to do so.

Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said the affected village heads would be called for a meeting, the latest by end of the week, to solve the problem.

“When things like this happen, it gives rise to suspicion which requires us to look into the matter thoroughly to ensure their resignation letters are genuine,” he told reporters after the Perak Islamic Organisation Colloquim here today.

He said this when asked on claims that the village heads had been forced to sign the resignation letters and also that some of the signatures in the resignation letters were forged.

“If they resigned voluntarily, we would accept the resignation. But when some of them came to me and say they did not sign the (resignation) letter and another said he was forced to sign it, then we will have to review the matter,” said Mohammad Nizar.
Last Monday, Perak Village Heads Association chairman Sukiman Jalil handed over to the Menteri Besar 736 resignation letters from its members. Perak has 814 village heads.

Mohammad Nizar said the state government would also review the appointment of amil (tithe collectors) to ensure a more transparent tithe collection and to avoid abuse.

He said this would be done in August prior to the fasting month, which is in September

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