Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reduce fuel prices - lower production cost - ATTRACTS foreign investor - good for Malysian company and MALAYSIANS

What if.....Malaysia, an oil-producing country did not raise fuel prices, electricity rates, etc...

What if, in fact, the Malaysian government increased subsidies and really reduced the cost of fuel in Malaysia - which would also bring about reduction in the electricity rates, transport costs, cost of food and all other materials generally.... would that NOT make Malaysia VERY ATTRACTIVE to the the Foreign Investor - who would want to bring and set-up his factory here and this will provide more employment for Malaysians and more MONEY for the nation.

The LOW production cost would also be very beneficial for the LOCAL companies as they would be able to market their products at much lower prices and hence grab a bigger share of both the local and the global market.

After all, Malaysia have been using CHEAP LABOUR, TAX HOLIDAYS, etc to lobby the foreign investor to COME to Malaysia ....or to continue to stay put in the country.

Now with the rise of fuel prices globally, and given Malaysia's advantage of being an OIL & GAS producer, should Malaysia not take advantage of the situation --Rather that torturing its own people by rising prices of fuel, electricity rates,....and generally the COST of LIVING....

Cheap Fuel, Cheap Electricity, Very Low Tolls or NO Toll, Cheap Food --- this would be good for the Malaysian people, for the Local companies, for the Foreign companies that will come --- we cannot lose..

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