Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RETIREES and the OLD -- how will they survive the increased COST of LIVING

It is already starting to happen.....cost of living is going up....and all because of the increase of fuel prices. (But let us also not forget that we are also facing a "Global Food Crisis" - which is also going to cause the increase of food prices. Now, increase of oil prices is one of many factors that brings about this "Global Food Crisis")

I am very concerned for all those persons who have RETIRED -- who did put aside some money for their old age.

The government, of late, have been talking about PENSIONERS - and these are those who were previously in government service who are receiving monthly pensions (which will be paid until they die, and thereafter until their spouse passes on ....). Here, the government can increase the monthly pensions to cope with the increased cost of living.

BUT what about those who are under the EPF(KWSP) - they would have taken what they had when they retired - and there is no continuous monthly payments until they pass on. Them pensioners, it is said is less than 1/2 million - the rest fall under the EPF or do not have such "Savings for their Old Age" since they may have been self employed.

How much really do you get from EPF when you retire -- One chief clerk in a government service received RM70,000-00, and how long would that have survived. 6 years (maybe 7 years) - after that what happens..

Now, after the rising the cost of fuel...electricity rates, etc - the government's attention is seem to be in giving relief to owners of vehicles - what really is the plan to deal with all the others that will be suffering the consequence of these price-hikes - the increased cost of living.

The Prime Minister is talking about restricting holidays of his Ministers (and their families) to ASEAN - I say NO MORE such holidays and perks. They too should just be paid their salary as Ministers, and that is it. After all, they also get their salary as MPs and Senators (and the other allowances). There is no justification for the Malaysian people to be paying Ministers/Deputy Ministers and their families to go for annual holidays, and for their entertainment.... What is this "entertainment allowance" which, for example the PM gets about RM18,865 monthly (DPM, Ministers and Deputy Ministers all get them). If it is in the carrying out of their duties, then the government will pay for it - there is no necessity for such "entertainment allowances".

The PM, his deputy and his Ministers really seem to be taking home SO MUCH and that is why they do not feel the effect of the hike in fuel prices ---- and the cost of living.

We have to really look into the plight of the RETIREES - the old as well.

Monday June 9, 2008

Prices to go up 10% next month

IPOH: Consumers can expect the prices of many essential items to increase by as much as 10% next month.

Federation of Sundry Goods Merchant Associations of Malaysia president Lean Hing Chuan said sundry store owners have no choice but to raise the prices of goods not controlled by ceiling prices to survive the impact of the fuel price hike.

Lean said canned food and other items with plastic packaging were likely to be sold at a higher price but declined to disclose the actual list of goods.

“Goods transported long distance by lorries are also expected to increase by at least 10%,” he said yesterday after the 87th anniversary luncheon of the Perak Sundry Shops Guild.

Earlier in his speech, Lean urged the Government to open up more vacant land for cultivation and start measures for rice-producing states like Kedah to improve rice production per hectare.

He also expressed doubt about the effectiveness of the government’s move to place colour stickers on rice sacks enabling consumers to differentiate between price-controlled rice and imported rice.

Perak Sundry Shops Guild chairman Lee Kim Seng urged the state government to set up an air-conditioned “retailing centre” for shop owners to set up their business.

He suggested the lots be rented out cheaply to business owners of all races.

“It will be a place where you can find Chinese medicine, pharmacies, hardware, clothes, shoes and other goods all in one place,” he said.

Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Datuk Lim Kok Cheong reminded members that inflation may be inevitable but it was no reason to close down their businesses

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