Tuesday, December 09, 2008

16,991 places that could have been available to Malaysian students - are now occupied by foreign students.

THERE were 16,991 foreign students in public universities as at September, Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung said yesterday. - New Straits Times, Dewan Rakyat, 9/12/2008

Well, it is very good to hear this BUT the question is whether these students are taking places that could have been available for Malaysian students?

Yes - education has become a business - and certainly these 16,991 would help local education institutions generate income - but should not our concern be the provision of educational opportunities to Malaysian students - especially those who cannot afford to go overseas to get their diploma/degrees.


Unknown said...

sometimes, studying in university (local one especially) may not be a good thing. your mind may get poisoned even more.

Anonymous said...

Three years ago I read a report on about 10,000 Malaysian students crossing the causeway daily to study in Singapore. On top of their fees, I believe these students have to put some deposit as surety. That is where our Malaysian students have gone with our foreign exchange!

Anonymous said...

Very shocking to read this !