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MBPJ - More proposals for reform & wondering the reason for not implementing simple reforms already suggested..

MBPJ (the Petaling Jaya Local Council)  - more proposals for reform.

Perundangan/Law - under this section of the website, I had hoped that I would be able to see and read the governing laws, enactments, rulings of the MBPJ...but alas, some of the laws are mentioned - but alas, it is only titles of the law/enactments - but not the full law. How difficult is it to upload these on your website. It must be done immediately - as many of these provisions are not things that you could walk into bookshops and get them. Be open - let all see the full contents of all your Perundangan/Law -No secrets please - and it would also be good education of the public - which will empower the people.

Let's have it in Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese & Tamil - Why? Because that is the language of the people of PJ, and the intention is to effectively communicate to the people ...to keep them in the know.

Anyway, who makes laws like these... 'Undang-Undang Kecil Pusat Siber & Kafe Siber (MBPJ) 2007' - Is it the State Government? Or is  it the MBPJ themselves? Who proposes the contents of these laws?


  • Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976.
  • Akta Jalan, Parit dan Bangunan 1974.
  • Akta Makanan 1983 dan Peraturan-Peraturan Makanan 1985
  • Undang-Undang Kecil
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pusat Siber & Kafe Siber (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-undang Kecil Iklan (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pemungutan, Pembuangan dan Pelupusan sampah sarap (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pelesenan Establisymen Makanan (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pengendali Makanan (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Tred, Perniagaan dan Perindustrian (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pemungutan, Pembuangan & Pelupusan Sampah Sarap (MBPJ) 2007
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Pelesenan Tempat Letak Kereta Persendirian (MBPJ) 2005.
    • Undang-Undang Kecil Iklan (MBPJ) 2007.

    • Enakmen
      • Enakmen Hiburan & Tempat-tempat Hiburan 1995.

      Harap maaf, kandungan sedang dikemaskini.

      Syarat-Syarat Permohonan Lesen Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya
      1.Lesen Restoran/Kedai Makan/Kafe
      2.Lesen Pusat Hiburan (, 65kb)
      3.Lesen Tred, Perniagaan dan Perindustrian
      4.Lesen Pusat Siber dan Siber Kafe
      5.Lesen Pusat Kecantikan dan Penjagaan Kesihatan
      6.Syarat - syarat Premis Makanan Baru (, 24kb)

I have made a lot of concrete proposals of how the MBPJ could improve and become more transparent, accountable and democratic - but alas there seems to be no changes being implemented. The site being monitored is the MBPJ Website. In this era of Internets, websites iare one important way of how the Local Councils can keep their constituents and the general public informed.

Some of the issues that have been raised:-

All MBPJ Meetings should be open to the Public.
- this would entail informing the public that these meetings are OPEN to the Public [Alas, there is no such information and publicity]
- Date, Time and Agenda of the MBPJ meetings [Alas, this is also not there in the websites - are there MBPJ Notice Boards all aroung PJ area informing people of this?]
- Minutes of the MBPJ meetings (especially those that allegedly are open to the public )should be made public, and available on the MBPJ Websites - again it is not there. This would allow the ordinary working person also the ability of finding out what happened, as many will not be able to attend these meetings as people have to work...and these meetings are allegedly being held during working hours..
- MBPJ committee meetings are not open to the public, says a local councilor - but why? There is no justification for this, and it is certainly goes against the principle of transparency and accountability. [These are 'appointed' not elected councillors - and surely the public has every right to see how matters are discussed and decisions made. They would also maybe be monitoring the different 'councilors' to see whether they are pro-people, pro-environment, pro-justice, etc - especially when we later may have the opportunity of voting in our own local councilors. Secret meetings are when hanky-panky can happen - when favoritism may be practiced, corruption manifest itself, etc...and thus open meetings will prevent this for the people are watching and the decisions have to be made in accordance with law, in line with the principles of justice, human rights, fair play, etc..]

Earlier posts:

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What  should the response of the MBPJ, its councillors, the State goverment?

The proposals are concrete ...and, I believe very easy to implement. Most entails typing and uploading onto the MBPJ website... A bit of translation as well - as I believe that information is meant to be communicated to the people - and as such maybe we should have it in 4 languages - BM, English, Chinese & Tamil. [But, first focus on the BM version...]

MBPJ Notice Boards - all over PJ. Announcing Meetings of MBPJ (and its committees) - time, place and agenda, and the fact that it is OPEN to the public. Minutes (or maybe just the important decisions) should also be placed on these notice board. Remember not all are computer literate or have access to the internet.

ACT on it - and do not waste time attacking those who suggest and critic. Construictive criticims should be welcomed not shunned. 

We understand that for many it is the first time they sit as 'appointed' Local Councillors, and being Malaysia, many may not have ideas for change, reform, etc.. But, now, since proposals are being made - take it on and make the changes...

If I have more ideas, I will propose them ...and all this is done for the sake of change and REFORMASI.

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