Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chapel of St John, Triang : The struggle for the land to be given to the church must continue - although the threat to demolish is on hold now..

I have received many queries about the 83 year old Chapel of St John, Triang which had come under threat of being destroyed.

Well, the latest news is that apparently the State government has decided not to do anything for the moment. Hence, the threat to demolish is no more there at the moment.

But, does that solve the problem? NO - for anytime in the future, the Chapel will face the same problems, and will risk being demolished.

The issue hangs over the users of the Chapel like a 'sword of Damocles' , and this is certainly wrong...

Going back, we recall that there are 3 Lots in a row, and Lots 1 and 3 already belong to the Catholic Church, but the middle Lot 2, where the chapel stood was only granted a Leasehold, which the government refused to renew in 1955, but continued collecting quit rent until about 1966. Repeated requests that the land be alienated to the Church, or even that the Leasehold be renewed have fallen on the deaf years of the BN-State government of Pahang.

Noting that the Lots are only about 1 acre each, it really is no problem for the Pahang State government to grant a freehold (or a 99 year old lease) for Lot 2, where the church stands...

It is really odd why the government then 83 years ago, i.e. the  then British colonial government, did not also give Lot 2 to the church, when it gave them Lot 1 and 3, because the said church was already in existence then. Maybe, they wanted to use it to 'pressure' the Catholics of Triang to continue full support for the Bristish Colonial government, and the the UNMO-led coalition goverment of the Alliance...then the BN.

So till today, the BN can continuous threathen the Catholics of Triang (and maybe even the Catholics in surrounding areas) to support BN, for if not .... we will destroy your place of worship. [Triang has a DAP ADUN for some time, and a BN MP - Ismail Sabri Yaakob]

How many other temples, churches, kuils, suraus and burial sites are being used this way to ensure continued support for the ruling coalition?

We know BN has a history of doing this. Remember how Seremban was not developed for so long that they chose the opposition...but when the chose the BN, the town developed speedily...

Silence....but still, the fight must go on - the fight to get the Pahang State BN-government to alienated the land to the church..

It is still a wooden structure - and plans to renovate it has all been held up - by the fact no approval would be given because this chapel is akin a 'squatter dwelling' ...

Najib talks about 1Malaysia - and he could do this small act to demonstrate this principle, by removing that 'sword of Damocles' that is hovering over the simple folks of Triang, and  giving the land to the Church....[It is a small piece of land about an acre - and it is for small community of 'small' people in rural Pahang, the home State of Najib...]

It would help if people could write letters to the PM, the Menteri Besar of Pahang, MPs, ADUNs asking for this land, on which this Chapel has existed for the last 83 years, be given to the Catholic Church community...

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amoker said...

Totally agree. The fight must go on. These are irrational decisions.