Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is this discrimination, bribery or what? Malaysia's money should be for all persons in Malaysia irrespective of who they vote for...

It is the Malaysian peoples' money, and if 'grants' are to be given to Members of Parliaments and/or State Assembly persons (ADUNs), it should be given to all of them irrespective of what party they belong to.

Further, there must be a formula based on the number of constituents that they have.

But alas, the Barisan Nasional have only been giving their own MPs and/or ADUNs these grants - and no body really knows how these monies have been spent (or at least I and a lot of other Malaysians do not know...)

Now, it seems that NOT all BN MPs/ADUNs were getting these 'grants' or the same amount of these grants..

Maybe, it is time for the BN to come clean and reveal how much monies were given to each and every BN MP and/or ADUN - and how exactly these monies were spent in these constituencies....

If there is no accountability, how will be sure that monies were not pocketed for self, or given to friends and family through direct or indirect means...

Anyway, why do MPs and/or ADUNs need these special grants. Should not money to the people and for development just be channeled directly by the relevant Ministries and/or departments?

The Federal Government will provide matching grant to Sarawak’s Barisan Nasional MPs and assemblymen on whatever financial aid they receive from the state government next year.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak gave the promise when he opened the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) general assembly at the Civic Centre here yesterday.

He was responding to SPDP president Datuk William Mawan’s call to the coalition to help resolve the lack of resources faced by most Sarawak MPs and assemblymen as it had adversely affected their effectiveness in serving their constituents.

Mawan, also state Social Development and Urbanisation Minister, said in his presidential speech earlier that due to the constraint of resources, the elected representatives’ performance might fall below par and reflect poorly on the Barisan government.

“If lack of resources remains a problem and affects their performances, the elected representatives may be lured by temptations as abuse of power and corrupt practices to short track their course.

“If they do succumb, they will be at the mercy of some unscrupulous powers,’’ added Mawan.

He urged the Barisan supreme council to resolve the problem and work out “some kind of arrangements’’ to help the Sarawak elected representatives assemblymen to better serve their constituents.

Mawan said the huge allocations Sarawak received under the Ninth Malaysia Plan and the recent stimulus package was proof of the Federal Government’s commitment to develop the state and improve the livelihood of its people.

Najib urged elected representatives to go to the ground to service the people.

He said the Sarawak Barisan should resolve issues related to native customary (NCR) land, extension of land leases and land renewal premiums.

The Federal Government, he said, would work in partnership with the Sarawak government in the development of industries, like aluminium smelter as well as paper and pulp, in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).
The Prime Minister said the federal government planned to build 1,500km of roads in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012, deliver 90% of rural electricity and water supplies and build more schools in both states.

Promising to visit Sarawak more regularly next year, Najib has plans to tour the former Rejang Security Command (Rascom) area in Sibu.- Star, 29/12/2009, Federal govt to provide grant to Sarawak reps

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