Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RM15 million to just help Muslim women is certainly against 1Malaysia concept and is discriminatory

While we appreciate and applaud the government's decision and allocation of funds to assist women who have been separated/divorced who are not receiving(or not yet receiving) alimony from their spouse, it saddens me that this provision is only for Muslim women, and not  Malaysian women generally.

Further, in this day and age, the support should not just be given to women but to the affected spouse, especially the one who has been left with burden of taking care of the children of the past union. Gone are the days when women stayed at home and depended on the income of their husband only. Today, there are many women that even do earn more than their spouses. In a relationship/marriage many now survive on both incomes of the partners, and hence separation/divorce can land any spouse left with the responsibility of the children, etc in need of governmental assistance.

So, when the question of 'emergency assistance' is concerned, one must look at the circumstances and respond accordingly to the spouse that requires this assistance.

In 1Malaysia, assistance should be forthcoming to all Malaysians irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or even gender.

The Government will come to the aid of Muslim women who are going through divorce but are not being paid alimony (nafkah).

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom said the Government had approved an allocation of RM15mil to pay women caught in this predicament. He said the payments, which would be in the form of loans, was to ensure that their welfare was well looked after.

“Sometimes, the husbands refuse to provide alimony until after the court reaches a decision on the divorce case.

“The allocation is therefore given to the wives and children for their daily expenses,” he told reporters after the Malaysian Islamic Develop­ment Department’s (Jakim) monthly meeting here yesterday.

Jamil said the Malaysian Syariah Judicial Department (JKSM) was currently distributing the allocation to states nationwide.

“There are some states which have started giving out loans of RM100,000 and the allocation will add to the existing capital,” he said.

He proposed that JKSM quickly take the allocation so that the funds would not be exhausted. In an immediate reaction, non-governmental organisations and professionals said the move was a good one.

However, they wanted to see the decision implemented efficiently.

Sisters in Islam public education and communications programme manager Mas Elati Samani said that while the move was timely, a proper system and mechanism had to be employed to ensure the move fulfilled its purpose.

“It is a commendable move which has been proposed in the past but what is more important is how the allocation can fully help those who really need the money,” she said.

She said the Government had to ensure that the allocation reached the divorcees who genuinely needed financial help.

“Another aspect to consider is the proper form of channelling of the allocation through the right agencies,” she said.

Syariah Lawyer Saadiah Din said the Government needed to consider providing allocation for legal aid as many could not afford lawyers.

“There is no doubt that it’s a good move but what if husbands start taking advantage of the situation knowing that the government is providing this allocation?

“What about repayment of the loan? Does the wife or the husband have to repay the amount?” asked Saadiah. - Star, 12/1/2010, RM15mil allocation for Muslim women who don’t get support


slurpking said...

Another way to siphon off money from the govermrnt.
Is there transparency, on how many muslim women are single parents, what are they doing, how many children..
Why is the Muslim organization not going after the fathers/husbands??
My neighbour divorced his wife and satyed in another apartment in the same block and was paying alimony. Then he moved to Selangor and now says that since he is satying in Selangor, he does not have to pay alimony to his wife in KL. what kind of law allows this...only stupid muslim laws designed to proctect the male species@@@

Unknown said...

Yes, this is what the govt good at when PM shows you the east direction, he walks to the west. A typical "Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin" evil UMNO.