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Campaigners Target Malaysia To Stop Mandatory Death Penalty for Drugs

Campaigners Target Malaysia To Stop Mandatory Death Penalty for Drugs

March 2, 2010
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MALAYSIA is to be the target of international protests at the Malaysian government’s mandatory death penalty policy for drug trafficking on Thursday March 4th.

Peaceful protests are planned at Malaysian Embassies in cities worldwide, including Britain (London), Denmark (Copenhagen) France (Paris), USA (New York & LA) and Nepal (Kathmandu). There will also be protests at the UN Commission on Narcotics Drugs in Vienna on 8th – 12th March.

The protesters are calling on Malaysia to join the vast majority of UN member nations and reconsider it’s current use of the death penalty, in particular for drug trafficking.

They are asking the Malaysian government to order an immediate moratorium on executions and consider the overwhelming evidence that the use of the death penalty does not prevent serious crime, and carries a major risk of  innocent people being executed for crimes they did not commit, even in the fairest of legal systems.

Currently over 300 people are on death row in Malaysia, mainly young men under the age of 25, many of them for relatively minor cannabis dealing charges which in many countries would only warrant a fine or perhaps a short prison sentence.

The protests represent growing international concern at Malaysia’s murderous anti drug policies at a time when many nations are learning that harm prevention not prohibition is the best way to protect citizens from the dangers of drug use. 

London Picket @ The Malaysian Embassy, 45 Belgrave Sq, London, SW1X 8QT. Thursday 4th March 2010, 1PM.

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