Monday, March 22, 2010

Did Anwar Lie or was he...? Lying in Parliament/State Legislative should be an offence, and liars should be penalized.

Is there an obligation placed on a Member of Parliament (or ADUN) or Minister to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I believe that there must be such an obligation to speak the truth.... (And there must be a clear procedure though which not only the sitting Members of Parliament/State Legislative Assembly) but every Malaysian can  use to complain when lies are told (or just part-truths part lies) are told in the Parliament/Legislative Assembly or outside the Dewan.

The problem now is that MPs, ADUNs and Ministers are protected - when it comes to things spoken in Parliament/State Legislative Assembly. So, they can always lie...and get away with it. And this is not right.

It would really be helpful if some MP, ADUN or Minister  could helps us all in telling us the procedure that could be followed for members of the public to complain that some MP/ADUN had lied.

Did Anwar Ibrahim lie? Or did he just raise a matter that he had heard, and was indeed seeking clarification from the executive/government? If it was the latter, should Anwar disclose his sources, etc - I do not think there should be any requirement to disclose sources (or other proofs) if Anwar was only seeking a clarification. If he was stating a fact - then it may be different.
UMNO-led BN government has ensured that we live in a Malaysia that is full of 'secrets' - Almost everything is marked 'secret' - and there is no transparency and accountability. Even  when we ask specific questions or seek clarifications, there is seldom a reply (or a reply to the actual question raised). Hence, many a time, crippled by this 'secretive' situation, critics sometime will have make allegations/statements just to get to the truth, which one hopes comes from a governmental clarification. Even when allegations made are true, and is based on 'credible information or documents' - the problem would be that the human sources may not want to be identified >> maybe because he is a 'government staff', a BN person, etc... and the documents are all marked 'sulit' (secret). Stuck...that is where we end up.

Hence, firstly Malaysia must move away from being so 'secretive' to an open government where there is freedom of information...which also includes freedom of access to information. There must be an obligation on government and its Ministers to respond promptly and truthfully in writing questions by members of the public (not just the MPs and the ADUNs...)

Second, there must be a duty and an obligation for all MPs (and ADUNs) to tell the truth...the whole truth both during Parliamentary (State Legislative Assembly ) sittings and also outside.

I have already blogged on my disappointment with Anwar with regard that 1Malaysia One Israel issue

'Racist' Anwar using 'racist tools' against Najib & BN? ...1Malaysia idea comes from Israel? from Jews? Such a bad example from the Opposition Leader

Now, the question was whether Anwar lied ...or was he merely seeking clarification of what he had heard/found out. If he lied, then action should be taken against him. If he was seeking clarification, then there is no basis for any action.

If we are going to start taking actions against liars in Parliament - then such actions must be taken against all MPs/ADUNs irrespective of what party they belong to. All such complaints should be properly referred to the relevant body/committee - and there should be no way to block such referral of complaints. [BN's majority should not be allowed to prevent MPs of BN from being referred whilst all minority Opposition MPs are easily referred]

What body should be investigating/hearing the complaint. It must be an 'independent' body - not a biased body filled with a bigger number of BN MPs who will find their fellow BN MPs always innocent, and all Opposition MPs guilty..That would be unethical and an abuse of the majority power. 

This is a matter for Parliament - but why is the Executive interfering? Why is Nazri talking about the government giving one week...? Does that matter...and is it not wrong? In my opinion, it is OK if an  ordinary MP gives such a deadline before deciding whether to refer or not - but certainly not the Executive (not the 'government'). What really does he mean by government? Or is he in fact talking only about the Executive - for a government in a democracy has  3 branches, i.e. the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. Surely, Nazri is not talking about all 3 branches....mmm. Doctrine of Separation of Powers....
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been given a week to back up his claim that the federal government employed a public relations firm which had links to 'One Israel' campaign.

At the Dewan Rakyat today, Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan cited Standing Orders 36 (2) to accuse Anwar of misleading the house.

Abdul Rahman was referring to a statement last week by the Apco Worldwide firm, which has denied Anwar's allegations.

In response, Minister in charge of Parliamentary affairs Nazri Abdul Aziz then told deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee that the government was of the position that Anwar should given a week to back up his claims.

Should Anwar fail to provide a satisfactory explanation, Nazri said the government would move a motion to refer him to the Rights and Privileges Committee, to which Kiandee agreed.

Anwar was not present when this exchange took place.

While debating the motion of thanks for the King's speech last week, Anwar claimed that Apco Worldwide, currently employed by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's administration, had also devised the 'One Israel' slogan for former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak in 1999. - Malaysiakini, 22/3/2010, Anwar given a week to explain 'One Israel' dig


Roti Sunshine said...

Hello Charles,

If you wish to be a commentator, make sure your command of the English language is impeccable.

It is lying not lieing, you silly fellow.

Charles Hector said...


Thanks a lot.

Good also that you would comment on the posting. Different viewpoints certainly would be beneficial for the readership.

In solidarity,

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raj raman said...

Does it make any difference for ordinary folks?
Most Politician change mask when they are fighting each other.

Najib - 1Malaysia - lying with his double standard regarding race,religion ...continue someone please.

Anwar - A sandiwara guy - good orator - good Public Relation worldwide but can't organized his own Party members.

rajraman666.Most Politician tell lies,but the diference between one normal citizen we lies sometimes but Politician lies always for free publicity,$$$ and personal glory.
We can be racial but can't be racist.