Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will PKR give all candidates access to media - Suara Keadilan & PKR Website...

The requirement for merely a proposer and a seconder to be able to contest would have been so much better than the need to get 2 Division nomination to qualify to contest...Many, who may not be able to get 2 Divisions to nominate, will win the elections because their support lies with the ordinary members in many many Divisions. This would also reduce 'corruption' and allay fears that many Divisions feel about the consequences of nominating the 'wrong persons'. Sadly, there is little lobbying based on real issues...and positions...

PETALING JAYA: PKR is looking to emulate MCA by requiring only a seconder and proposer to qualify for party elections.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution said he would propose that the party do away with the minimum two nominations from divisions to qualify.

“MCA’s method is more practical.

“If we can make the amendments to the party constitution, we need not hold multiple meetings for nominations, division polling and central party polling.

“We can hold division and central polling on the same day, just like the state and parliamentary elections that are held concurrently.

“This will help address logistical shortcomings, especially for members living in remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak,” he said in an interview.

Saifuddin said he would propose amendments to the party constitution to scrap the ruling that nominations for central party positions be made during the division AGM. He is also proposing amendments pertaining to AGM notices.

“Now, notices of meetings must be sent individually to members.

“We want to amend it, to put the onus on the members to check the party website for the notices,’’ he said.- Star, 28/9/2010,Sec-gen proposes simpler election rules

It would also be more democratic if all PKR members were allowed to vote - not just those that qualify to attend Division level meetings.

Odd also that allegedly agents of candidates (and candidates) have not been allowed to watch the vote counting process - it should have been open and transparent.

One also wonders whether candidates have been given adequate and equal access to party media. Media, including alternative media seem to be giving a lot of space to Zaid Ibrahim, Azmin, Nurul Izzah.... but what about the other candidates vying for position of Deputy President like Tian Chua,...and other positions. Hopefully, we will not see candidates with lesser nominations pulling out of the race - they should still offer themselves as candidates and let the members choose. For the Deputy President's position, many ordinary members may prefer some person other than Zaid and Azmin - and they should be given the right to choose who they prefer despite the fact that the candidate has only received 2 Divisional nominations, the minimum to qualify to stand for elections.
Maybe, now after nominations, the PKR Website and/or the Suara Keadilan should allow candidates the opportunity to post a statement for members stating why the membership should vote for them. [Or will PKR behave just like the BN by denying candidates access to media...]

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