Monday, March 28, 2011

ASEAN SG asks Malaysia,... to review its Nuclear Power Plant Policies

There are so many natural environmental friendly resources that is available to Malaysia that Malaysia can exploit to fulfill its power needs. One is solar energy, and we are blessed with sunshine all year around. One concern before was the question of storage, but with our National Grid in place, there may be no need for storage and power generated in the day could immediately be sent to the national grid for immediate utilization, and when there is no sun then we can rely on other sources. Solar power could also be utilized for homes - but maybe the reason that they do not want this is because this will affect TNB's profits, and the profits of other IPPs. Think about the long-term good of all in Malaysia, not just the profits of some.
Another available resource that we do have is wind power, and it is especially worth considering especially in the coastal areas especially in the east coast, which is blessed with wind almost all year round.

But alas, Malaysia seems not developing these alternative resources - but seem to be more interested in that dangerous nuclear power plants.

Asean Sec-Gen Expects Member States To Review Nuclear Power Plant Policies

BANGKOK, March 25 (Bernama) -- Dr Surin Pitsuwan, secretary-general of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), said he expected Asean member states to review their nuclear power plant policies following the nuclear plant crisis in Japan.

Surin was speaking to reporters about nuclear power plant policies in Southeast Asia in the wake of the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan.

Thai News Agency (TNA) reported him as saying that Asean member states that had nuclear power plant projects might review their policies.

He added that Asean members might have to review their policies carefully.

Although nuclear power is sustainable and clean, an unanticipated incident may cause serious problems like what is happening in Japan.

At the moment, European countries are reviewing their nuclear power plant policies.

Surin also said that Asean has planned initial assistance for quake-torn Japan and that the earthquake might result in some industries being relocated from Japan to other countries.

In this case, Asean member states must cooperatively work out measures to attract investors from Japan.

-- BERNAMA, 25/3/2011, Asean Sec-Gen Expects Member States To Review Nuclear Power Plant Policies

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