Monday, March 07, 2011

Kerdau: The Opposition in fact only lost 184 votes compared to 2008

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Kerdau - well BN may have won but really it is no great victory.


Well, in 2008, the Opposition PAS candidate managed to get 2,520, and in this by-elections PAS got 2,336  - that is 184 votes is a minimal reduction, and it could be that many could not make it back to vote for PAS..

If that is so, where is BN's bigger majority coming from? Voters that did not vote in 2008....maybe new voters?

But then, this is a by-election and in by-elections the resources used by the BN is exceptionally more than during the normal GE. All kinds of extras - goodies? pressure? etc..

**Remember also that this a BN governed state, and giving the seat to the Opposition now when GE is just looming around the corner may not be 'wise'.... Better get all that promised goodies from the BN, the State Government and the Local Councils now - and maybe really vote come next GE...

** Remember also that this was already a  BN seat, and so all that was done was to maintain the seat. There would have been more to shout about if it had been a PAS seat - and now BN managed to get back the seat...


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