Thursday, August 02, 2012

Former Public Sector Workers who are not pensioners forgotten?

CIVIL servants will be paid a half month bonus with a minimum payment of RM500 ...Sharing the joy of the 1.27 million civil servants are 657,000 pensioners who will receive a RM500 special payment. 
Pensioners - well, these are persons who are receiving pensions. And, I remember that not all former public servants (civil servants/government servants) are pensioners - for there was a time that this BN government did 'encourage' many to abandon the pension scheme and choose EPF - and many did so.

It seems that these Raya gifts are only for 'pensioners' - what about other former civil servants who are not pensioners - for they, really, are the people that are suffering...

The Malaysian government is finally acknowledging the failure of the EPF scheme ---- for these 'savings for old age' (simpanan hari tua...) is really NOT ENOUGH - many after taking their EPF money after retirement finds that the money all gets spend within a few years... [Say, for a middle income earner - who when he/she retires have say RM70,000 - and say, in Modern Malaysia - this person spends RM1,000 per month to survive - this RM70,000 will only last less than six(6) years....] So, what will these persons do after that.... To make the problem worse, the government also encouraged a lot of people to buy 'unit trust', etc...and provided very little advice, and I know people that invested in 'unit trust' that promised very high returns ... and not knowing that such funds are not safe - as they can also result in high losses as well..

All Malaysians, above 55 years, did contribute to the current well-being of Malaysia - and Malaysia needs to take care of ALL of them - irrespective of whether they were former workers in the public sector or not.... In fact, a date base must be maintained, which has also the person's bank account (best it be BSN) - and the government easily could transfer directly into these accounts Raya gifts and other monies to take care of our 'Warga Mas' (Golden Citizens) - for they all did contribute.

BN government and Najib only appreciates those in the public sector now, and the only the pensioners..., it seems...

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