Saturday, December 15, 2012

Was it money, gifts and food the reason why many attend political events?

Recently BN component party, MIC {Malaysian Indian Congress) in Temerloh/Mentakab had an event attended by the Menteri Besar of Pahang.

The people were allegedly informed that money and gifts(sundry items, etc) would be handed out to all who attend, and there would be food. Free Bus transporation was also provided to and fro. The people in my kampung had to walk out to the main road about a kilometer away where the bus came and picked them up... Allegedly thousands turned up... but many were disappointed as there was no monies or other handouts, and the food was also not that great and there was a shortage.[Maybe the promises of gifts money etc was not from MIC or BN but maybe some who went around trying to get a large crowd to attend...but this is not that important for what is important is the real reason why many chose to attend]

Worse, they were also angry that the Menteri Besar turned up late, allegedly around 10pm - and by the time they got back home, it was past midnight.

Was the great numbers an indication of support for MIC or the BN? In my opinion, it was not - the reason for going was for the money and hampers they believed that they will be getting, and the 'free makan'(free food) - and many Malaysians and others would similarly go to any event for that reason. Did they got to listen to the MB or the BN politicians? No - but the speeches normally, they hope is done with speedily so they can get to their food and drinks...Hence, the delay of the Pahang MB caused great 'irritation'

Politicians, MPs, ADUNs, Senators, Ministers, Chief Ministers, Prime Minister... must respect the people... when an event is scheduled to begin at 8pm, for example, a politician or 'wakil rakyat' that RESPECTS the people will turn up before 8pm, or latest at 8pm - DELAY is a sign of disrespect for the Rakyat. Sadly, some opposition politicians also do this... 

Attendance at open houses, Raya celebrations, concerts and events is no indication of support... Have a forum/talk/ceramah with no 'fringe benefits...' and if a large number of people turn up you can say that it was success and the people came to listen... {But attendance is also no indication of support for many may have just turned up to listen to your opinion/views...}

By the way, large attendances at functions was also used by Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd to claim that they had support of the people...

...Pahang Raub Anti Cyanide Gold Mining Committee vice chairman Sherly Hue said RAGM also claimed that a majority of Bukit Koman residents have no problems with the mine being in operation.

“They (RAGM) said that the people have welcomed them because of donations, scholarships and also various carnivals held to celebrate various festivities. While they may have given the donations, this doesn’t have to mean that the people agree and support them,” she said.

Hue was referring to point 7 of the letter which stated, “As you may have read from various major newspapers, our project has received tremendous response from the people of Raub as can be seen from the attendance of the people at our previously organised Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali events.”

The letter also claimed that 20,000, 10,000 and 5,000 people were reported to have turned up at their Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali events respectively.

“The significant attendance and support by the people at our events is testimony of the great support that we have from the people of Raub and as such, it is difficult to comprehend that basis upon which your committee seeks to imply that a large majority of people are not in favour of our project at all,” stated the letter from RAGM..." - FMT News, 16/7/2012,‘Anti-cyanide committee has no mandate’

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