Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live telecast from Malaysian Parlimen - and other needed parliamentary reforms

If you want to watch the live telecast from Malaysian Parliament, it is available on the internet at RTM PARLIMEN at  

Comment: I can get it - but alas a lot of time 'buffering' ...too much it is now more than 5 minutes...of silence, with the message 'Buffering' ..I hope that they make this more efficient. It is 20 minutes now ...still buffering. After 40 minutes, I reloaded the site and I manage to get it going again and can hear it live. Oops about 4 minutes,and it is buffering again...try it yourself and share your experiences. Quality can be improved but we must congratulate Ahmad Shabery Cheeks for we finally in 2013, for the very first time,  are able to view Malaysian parliamentary proceedings live

Alternatively, apparently one can also download the apps 1Malaysiatv - tried this but did not manage to do it. 

It really would be most helpful if this information is also available on the Malaysian Parliamentary Website

Cannot see or download Hansard - literal record of parliamentary proceedings

I have been trying to have sight of the Hansard for several days now but unfortunately have not been able to read it, let alone download it. (Get your MPs to do something about this...)


This would not be found in the Hansards - as this is only a verbatim record of the proceedings in Parliament, so there is a need for a separate section so that we can all see the Questions and Answers to these questions.

Sadly, most of our MPs and Senators just do not CARE to share with us the answers they receive from the government, let alone the questions.

This posting also tells us what a GOOD Parliamentarian should be doing? I also quoted some good MPs who have demonstrated good practices.


Too many MPs are not in Parliament - why do they even bother to run for elections and get elected if they are not going to be there in Parliament participating in the proceedings, asking questions and making comments. Go watch the live telecast which is also on RTM1 from 10 - 11.30am - and you see that most seats are vacant. 

If you do not have the TIME or commitment to be in Parliament, please resign and let someone else be there. This after all is the first Parliamentary session after GE13 - and MPs are absent. 

You need not be MPs, ADUNs or SENATORs to struggle for change - so those, who are 'too busy' to be in Parliament, resign and continue your activities as a politician (member or exco of political parties).

See also  Good job Ahmad Shabery Cheek - now we have real live telecast from Parliament for 90 minutes which also discusses the absent from Parliament MPs....

Parliamentary quorum should be 60% (not 11.7% as it is now) & Abolish Bloc Voting - Let MPs have the freedom of opinion

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