Monday, September 16, 2013

Allocating weath/opportunities amongst ethnic groups not the solution to ensure equitable distribution of wealth amongst persons/families/households in Malaysia

Ethnic group data does not paint a TRUE picture of how wealth/income have been distributed amongst the different individual persons/households within that ethnic group.

There are 100 durians - and A, a Malay, is given 49 and B another Malay is given 1 - and the data will reflect that Malays got 50% of the Durians - but in reality it has not been equitably divided, and A has got 49.

In short giving a small group of Malay/'Bumiputra a lion's share of allocation meant to have the end result of a more equitable distribution of wealth in Malaysia does not achieve what should be the REAL object of a justice loving government - to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth amongst all its people - persons and families/households.

Likewise, to say that this other ethnic group has XXX % of the wealth, for in truth it is just a few in that ethnic group - not all who may have the BIG share of  wealth/resources, and the majority are still poor and in need of assistance..

I say that our national focus must be helping the POOR Malaysians, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or cultural identity.

Distribution of Wealth/Benefits/Opportunities among Malaysians just acrros ethnic lines has failed...and was doomed to fail right from the start - we have to look at helping poor Malaysians and households, and BR1M has already moved in this right directions - and maybe this OPTION FOR THE POOR should continue in this way.

It is only the poor and the marginalised that needs (or deserves) 'Special Treatement' so that they too will one day be able to enjoy a Decent Sustainable Livelihood.

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