Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Delta Electronics factory in Dongguan Shijie strike


Second only to "Foxconn" and "Delta" Taiwan's electronics factory workers on strike

Time :2014-04-22 column: Focus

Delta Electronics has seven factories in Dongguan, employs approximately 30,000 people. Currently the major supplier to IBM, DELL, NEC, GE, HP, PHILIPS and other world-renowned companies all kinds of electronic products, such as desktop computer power supply, server power supply, adjustable voltage module, communication with the DC power supply system, uninterruptible power systems, LCD projectors, high-resolution displays, optical transmission module, brushless DC fan, microwave communications components film element, electromagnetic components, broadband network module, LAN switches and other high-tech products. Delta Electronics is committed to the future of power electronics, optoelectronics, network, communications and other high-tech product development and production. 

But now Delta Electronics factory in Dongguan Shijie strike, because the social security problem DEI factory worker staff have not been resolved, Delta did not give employees a unilateral pay social security payments. Now the workers on strike, the local government also sent "armed" "SWAT" repression, repression is not enough blindly. Dongguan Shijie DEI after Foxconn factory strike! ! !

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