Saturday, April 26, 2014

Najib is weak, so Obama may be able to persuade him to 'quitely' sign the TPPA? Is that the reason for Obama's visit?

Why is the contents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) a secret? Why are the people of the affected nations and even their Parliaments/Senates kept in the dark about what really are the contents of the said agreements? All we know now is just parts of the TPPA that have managed to be leaked?

This is the way 'totalitarian states' or Dictatorships or Feudal States behave - where the leaders just decide - no need to consult with the people, no need for transparency and accountability.... So, is it not against the principles of democracy the way US, Malaysia and the others involved in the TPPA are behaving? 

The agreement is between States - but why are corporationsm, and even the investors, given rights against  nation States allowing them to sue Malaysia or any other country not in national courts but is in some arbitration body in the US only? Businesses and corporation are not part of the agreement, and as such have no obligations or responsibilities, but they are given the right to sue the government? And Australia is objecting to this 'investor protection clause' but not our Malaysia.

Can ordinary citizens also sue governments on the basis of the TPPA - Nope, I believe there is no such right....

8:00AM Apr 26, 2014

'Malaysia must not be pressed to sign TPPA'

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir said Malaysia should not feel pressured into signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) just because of President Barack Obama's visit to Malaysia, beginning today.

"We should not be compelled to sign (the TPPA) although a leader of a big country is visiting a small country like us. In the end, we will be at the losing end," Mahathir told reporters in Putrajaya yesterday.

He was commenting on concerns expressed by certain parties that Obama's visit to Malaysia could pressure the government into signing the TPPA.

International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed said on Tuesday that no agreement would be signed during Obama's visit.

The three-day visit by Obama will be the first official visit to Malaysia by a US president after President Lyndon B Johnson's visit in 1966.

Obama began his Asian tour by visiting Japan and South Korea before arriving in Kuala Lumpur and will head back to Washington after stopping over in the Philippines.

- Bernama
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