Monday, August 18, 2014

MB Selangor Saga - Does Pakatan Rakyat operate just like BN or differently?

Well, the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis should be over now since the majority of the ADUNs(State Assembly Persons) have indicated that they no longer support Khalid, and now support Wan Azizah to be the new Menteri Besar. PAS, after their Exco meeting, was the last to make the decision.

This incident raises much question about Pakatan Rakyat - and the political parties that are members of PR.

How does Pakatan Rakyat come to a decision?

- Call a meeting of the heads of DAP, PAS and PKR and make a decision.... well, the problem with democracy is that a rep or even the President cannot really make such a decision. If there is a decision have to be made, the respective parties will have to take the matter back to the EXCO [Executive members of the party], and then make a decision. I believe PAS rightfully held an Exco meeting to come to a decision on behalf of the party - prior to that we had different members of the leadership expressing different views...
- Certain decisions really cannot be 'rushed' ....especially, matters of which a political party has never before considered as a party. 

KAJANG MOVE - I wonder whether that came about as a result of a decision by Pakatan Rakyat - or just a decision by PKR? Well, if it was just about replacing a 'bad ADUN' with a better one, maybe one can argue, it could have been a decision of just PKR ....but then, even this would lead to a by-elections, where all the PR parties would have to expend energy and resources - so, maybe, even this should have been a Pakatan Rakyat decision.

Well, now we are being told that the intention of the Kajang Move was to get a suitable replacement for the current Menteri Besar - that surely had to be a Pakatan Rakyat decision, which should have also involved all the PR ADUNs of Selangor. Was it? Or was it a decision made by a few only or just one party? 

Well, the perceived problem in the Barisan Nasional is the dominance of one party - hopefully the Pakatan Rakyat will not move in that direction where the shots are called by one party or certain individuals - but will always remain a 'democratic grouping' - where hopefully one day, it will be even more democratic with greater involvement of the general membership in the decision making process. 

But at the same time, PR must really come out with what changes that they want with regards to education, healthcare, agriculture, taxation, employment, welfare, etc - Is Pakatan Rakyat more for accountability and transparency? Is PR more for greater democracy at all levels? Is Pakatan Rakyat for real change for the better? 

Or is Pakatan Rakyat just for 'cleaner, efficient and trustworthy' (besih, cekap dan amanah).

Is PR for neo-liberalism? Is it right? or left? or what? Is it for privatization of even basic amenities or what? 

People want CHANGE - and this does not just mean change in the parties and persons that rule and govern....but real changes...



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