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Surely Wan Azizah did not say, " I want to fight FOR injustice' - it must be misreporting...?

Update:- Malaysia kini report has been updated and it now reads:-

“I am not going to apologise. Let us be together, because I want to fight against injustice. “We made this move, this Kajang Move...(because) I want to fight injustice,” she said at the event in Klang."
The earlier report wrongly stated that that she was going to fight FOR injustice ...which was really odd 

Surely, Wan Azizah did not mean that she was going to be fighting for injustice (Maybe a mistake in the Malaysiakini report) - she should be fighting against injustice or for justice and human rights...

I believe she has the potential and the capacity to be a Menteri Besar or even Prime Minister - 

And really she should speak out more often being the President of PKR... 

She should also be seen to be more involved in the high-level discussions with other Pakatan leaders.

See also earlier post:-

It is the people (vide their ADUNs) that should decide who should be the Menteri Besar of Selangor?

Azizah: What’s wrong with me listening to Anwar?

If PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim can act as a consultant for foreign goverments, then why shouldn’t a Selangor menteri besar listen to his advice?

This was PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s argument in response to those who say that if she is appointed Selangor MB, she will only be her husband Anwar’s puppet.

“Some people say I am Anwar’s puppet but Anwar is the advisor and he has all the experience (so) why can’t I listen to him?

“He can be a consultant in the Middle East. If Qatar can offer Anwar the postion of economic advisor, then why shouldn’t I listen to his advise for the betterment of Selangor?” she asked.

 Speaking at the first of many planned public events hosted by PKR to explain the ongoing MB crisis, she said that she is not “apologetic” about being nominated by her party to take over from incumbent Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“I am not going to apologise. Let us be together, because I want to fight for injustice.

“We made this move, this Kajang Move...(because) I want to fight for injustice,” she said at the event in Klang.

She was referring to the Kajang by-election which was triggered by the resignation of PKR representative Lee Chin Cheh. Wan Azizah won the by-election.

Also speaking at the event was PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli.

According to Rafizi, the party will embark on a roadshow of sorts to explain to the people of Selangor why there needs to be a change of MB.

Rafizi dares Khalid to sue him

Speaking to reporters later, he said that besides the decision to hold information sessions, the political bureau on Sunday also decided to instruct Khalid to meet with either Wan Azizah or Anwar to discuss his fate.

Rafizi said that the roadshow will also raise the issue of Khalid's dispute with Bank Islam, which some allege involve shady backdoor deals.

As such, he dares Khalid to take legal action against him if whatever PKR exposes is untrue.

Rafizi (right), who is also Pandan MP, however, stressed that there has not been any decision by the party to sack Khalid from PKR.

He however, confirmed that there was a proposal made at Sunday's meeting that Khalid be sacked.

Neverthless, he said, such a decision must be made by the party disciplinary committee, and not the political bureau, following a formal complaint.

The party's decision to propose Wan Azizah as replacement MB last month was met with mixed reaction, with some observers calling for the decision to be left to the rakyat via fresh polls.

To this, the MP said that Rafizi said that if push comes to shove, the party is willing to face such snap polls. - Malaysiakini, 4/8/2014, Azizah: What’s wrong with me listening to Anwar?

- See more at: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/270589#sthash.qFvgTZcg.dpuf

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