Saturday, March 05, 2016

Wrong for Appandi Ali to be Director of LUTH? Will he prosecute Tabung Haji for crimes?

Can Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji(LUTH) break Malaysian laws? Can it commit crimes? Can the Directors commit crimes? YES, it can.

In Malaysia, it is the Attorney General, the Public Prosecutor, that has the power of prosecution - He has the power to decide on who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. And, Malaysia's Attorney General and Public Prosecutor is Mohamed Appandi Ali.

As such, in my opinion, it is very wrong for Malaysia's AG/Public Prosecutor to be sitting as a Director of any company or organisation, and he must immediately resign as Director of LUTH.

As Attorney General/Public Prosecutor he must be and must also be seen as independent, he should not also be receiving any other income save for his income as Attorney General.

Is Appandi Ali getting income for being Director of LUTH - well, this compounds the problem. Being a public officer, would this amount to corruption? We should think about this...

Note, that in the LUTH website, he is personally a Director, not a Representative of his Office/Government, Directors who are there as representatives are so declared. We see that there is Directors, who are there as representative of the Prime Minister's Department, representative of the Treasury... but Appandi Ali is there not as any representative.

Was he a Director when he was still a sitting Judge? When was his appointment is not mentioned? 

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