Friday, July 08, 2016

Miss not ALIRAN dinner - 23/7/2016, KL - Contact Details to get a Table?

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Hakimi Abdul Jabar said...


When I was studying for the Advanced Diploma in Law in 1995-1996, I had to study Contemporary Legal Thought (CLT)/Modern Jurisprudence taught by the principal lecturer, K. Anantharajah, as one of the modular subjects with my fellow classmates, e.g. Keshminder Randhawa​​, Haris, Nades, Vicky, Joane Lazaroo, Lam, Chee, Ragu, Yang etc. Apart from absorbing the jurisprudential works & treatises of John Austin, Jeremy Bentham, J.S. Mill, we had also learned of the brilliance & contributions of John Locke (1632-1704) etc.

Locke was the epitome of Liberty and the antithesis of Absolutist Tyranny. Locke propounded that the right of property existed prior to and independent of any social contract which was to protect the natural rights of man. Locke's views led to parliamentary democracy. His inalienable rights of the individual became embodied in many constitutions & were guaranteed to the individual.

His ideas are summarized as follows :-
1. Equality of Men - all men are equal and hence, no one has any right to injure another in life, health, liberty or possession.
2. Self-preservation & preservation of others.
3. People should be restrained from injuring others.
4. NO ONE has an absolute arbitrary power over himself or over any other to destroy his own life or TAKE AWAY THE LIFE OR PROPERTY OF ANOTHER.
5. The Ruler/Government has NO RIGHT to REMAIN IN POWER if he/it fails to protect the lives, liberty and property of the PEOPLE.

A government and/or rule mired with abuses of power & corruption would have surmised by Locke as Ineligible To Remain pursuant to the Fifth Summary.

gaudete et libertas - Let Liberty Rejoice