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POCA (Prevention of Crimes Act) - Azmin Ali supports Selangor police plans?

Gambling offenders can be detained under POCA

POCA (Prevention of Crimes Act) - the simple solution for the 'lazy' police/ government to arrest and detain an 'innocent' person...
WHY? If police use POCA - nobody can challenge even in court whether the reason for the arrest and detention and/or restriction is TRUE or not. So, police really do not even have to investigate and find sufficient evidence to proof the person arrested is GUILTY - Why? The case will not go to court...there is NO TRIAL ....and even the person, who is detained,  cannot apply to Court and claim that he/she is wrongly detained...The COURT HAS NO POWER TO LOOK AND SEE IS THE REASON FOR THE DETENTION/RESTRICTION IS LAWFUL OR NOT?? 
HOW MANY ARE DETAINED WITHOUT TRIAL UNDER POCA? Probably 100s - maybe thousands - well, Malaysia is not a transparent government, so we really do not know this information. Only way is usually by Parliamentary questions - but how many MPs will ask these questions - and even when they ask questions, how many share their answers with the people...?? [Remember annswers in writting to MPs are not published on the Parliamentary website - and if these MPs do not share with us the questions and answers, we will not know?]
POCA - well, Sanjeevan's case draw attention to this DRACONIAN law - and now, the news report below, shows us how dangerous this law is...
Why use POCA against those involved in 'gambling"? You can simply charge them in open court and give them a trial? 
"Selangor police today issued a stern warning to all owners of online gambling centres in the state to close down their operations or face action under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (POCA)."
So, why do the Selangor police want to even use POCA - they could use the ordinary criminal laws - arrest, detain and charge them in Court, and give them a fair trial? Why POCA - which does not give a person the right to a fair trial, and also no right to challenge the reason or lawfullness of whatever Detention or Restriction Order they are placed under?
Or maybe, it is not safe to charge and try some because they may reveal the involvement of some politician or their wife/family, or maybe they may reveal evidence of corruption against some police officer...or public prosecutor...? 
And, why has Azmin Ali and the Selangor government responded - saying that POCA should not be used - but charge them in open court an accord them a fair trial? 
Well, maybe if they are charged and tried, the alleged operator of gambling centers may come out shouting 'Betrayal" - why we have been paying money to this and that politician (or political party) or policeman or 'Datuk?' - with the assurance that the police will not raid or take action against us and our people? So, is POCA used to avoid this?? I wonder?
Wait and see whether Azmin Ali will stay silent on what the Selangor police is saying ...and make us your mind as to the reason behind the lack of comment, or contents of his comment?
Will Wan Azizah, the leader of the Opposition say anything about the this statement and the POCA?
WHO will come out and protest the use of POCA? and who will not? Watch and see and make your own conclusions...
How many Opposition parties have taken the position that POCA must be repealed? 
Gambling offenders can be detained under POCA
Prisoner behind jail bars, concept of crime and corruption
Source: Bernama Source:

SHAH ALAM, 15 July 2016: 

Selangor police today issued a stern warning to all owners of online gambling centres in the state to close down their operations or face action under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (POCA).

State police chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said Selangor police were very serious about combating the illegal activity as the operators were seen to be active again.

Hence, since Wednesday, he said, he had ordered all the nine district police headquarters in Selangor to intensify operations against illegal gambling activities.

Abdul Samah said police intelligence work showed that the districts of Petaling Jaya, Serdang, Subang Jaya, Kajang, Gombak and Klang South had the biggest number of illegal online gambling joints.

“Within 48 hours since Wednesday, 222 raids were conducted with 233 operators of online gambling premises and 83 gamblers arrested

"Seized in the operations were 3,120 desktop computers, 207 laptops, six gambling simulator machines and cash of RM19,205.”

On another matter, Abu Samah said 39,542 summonses were issued for various traffic offences during ‘Op Selamat’ 9/2016 ih the state in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration recently.

He said the number showed an increase of 13 per cent or 4,432 summonses over the number of summonses issued during last year’s Raya celebration, which showed public adherence to traffic rules was still low.

He added that among the six main offences focused on were speeding, driving on the emergency lane, crossing the double line and using the mobile phone while driving.

Earlier, Abdul Samah witnessed the handing-over of duty to the new Selangor deputy police chief Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff, who replaced Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar, effective today.

Mohd Fuad, 59, was previously federal police Management (Training) deputy director in Bukit Aman, while Abdul Rahim has been promoted to the post of Kelantan police chief. - Rakyat Post, 15/7/2016

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