Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Anwar, PKR - Danger of becoming Autocratic and not Democratic? President just too much power?

Anwar Ibrahim is President Elect of PKR - and looking at the PKR Constitution, the President has TOO MUCH POWER…He can pick and appoint the 14 State Chiefs (All of whom will be in the Central Leadership Council (Majlis Pimpinan Pusat)), and the President can appoint a further 7 persons into the Central Leadership Committee. In brief, Anwar will be able to choose and insert 21 members of the Central Leadership Council. {See PKR Constitution at

For the Central Leadership Council, there is a democratic election - where ALL party members get to vote for the President, the Deputy President, 4 Vice President, 20 Central Committee Members. Likewise, the Youth Wing and the Women's Wing members also democratically elect the Chairman and the Deputy of the respective wings.

So, now the total, save the President, who will be elected in is 29 in total.[Anwar choice to be appointed will be 21, plus Anwar, it is 22}

In the current ongoing PKR Elections, some see 2 main factions . One is the ‘Rafizi Team’ which seems to be the Anwar loyalist, who may not challenge Anwar in decision making. The other faction is the ‘Azmin Team’, which seems to be individuals who may not agree with Anwar in all matters.

As it stands now, the Azmin Team has 3 Vice Presidents in the lead, and 15 other council members (in the top 20), and is also leading the Chairperson and Deputy races in both the youth and women’s wing. So, if the lead his maintained, then there will be 23 from ‘Azmin Team’ in the Central Leadership Council.

From the Rafizi Team, they have 1 Vice President and 5 Council Members in the lead – so that is 6.

As it stands now, Anwar loyalist and Anwar may make up 29 in the Central Leadership Council, and the ‘not so loyal’ from Azmin’s Team, will be 23….but the Elections is not yet over…

NOTE:- Even the Anwar appointed, and the perceived ‘blindly loyal’ may not be so after the enter the Central Leadership Council…

BUT then, PKR Constitution gives the power to the President to appoint from amongst the 20 elected Central Leadership Council members:-

3 additional Vice Presidents

Secretary General(Setiausaha Agung)

Communication Chief(Ketua Penerangan)

Treasurer General(Bendahari Agung)

Chief Executive Secretary(Ketua Setiausaha Pengelola)

Will some from the ‘Azmin Team’ take a different stance if appointed to one of these powerful positions – 7 positions, and as it stands, there are only 5 in the ‘Rafizi Team’?


1) The appointment of the additional 7 members Central Leadership Council (Majlis Pimpinan Pusat)) should be with the Central Leadership Council as a whole – not just with the President.

2) The State Leaders – that should really be done by the members in that State. The idea of the President appointing is so ‘FEUDAL’ – even then, better if the power was with the entire Central Leadership committee – but best the State Chief be democratically elected by the members of that State…

3) The appointing of the Secretary, Treasurer should again be done by the entire Central Leadership Committee – not the President alone.

***Surely Anwar Ibrahim was involved in the drafting of the PKR Constitution …why is so undemocratic, giving the President too much power – that will end up making PKR an autocratic party …a Anwar’s party…

Further down the Constitution, is the POLITICAL BUREAU – here again the President can appoint 7, and the others will include all office bearers, and State Chief of Sabah and State Chief of Sarawak…ODD again…Given the role played by President in choosing and appointing the 3 additional Vice Presidents plus all lesser office bearers, the Political Bureau looks very much President controlled…

ANWAR can behave democratically and let the decisions be made in a democratic fashion - OR he can simply behave in a 'feudalistic' and/or 'autocratic' manner? The choice is his ...and really, PKR should call a General Meeting and amend its Constitution ...

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