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Kit Siang heckled - A growing disappointment against the Pakatan Harapan government?

Malaysians came out in numbers during the last Elections in May 2018 to remove the UMNO-led coalition(then Barisan Nasional), who had been the government since independence in 1957.They chose the Opposition coalition, the Pakatan Harapan - despite the fact that this coalition was made up of BERSATU(a party led by the Dr Mahathir, a former UMNO Prime Minister who was 'despised' by many for his iron-handed ways that curbed fundamental human rights and freedoms), and the Amanah(a PAS-break away party)

DAP was the most influential party in this coalition, and it had the support of many across race and religion, because it had a very long history of highlighting wrongdoings and fighting for justice and human rights without fear or favour. Its leaders were even willing to go to prison, as happened to Lim Guan Eng, and also ended up victims under Detention Without Trial laws such as Kit Siang, Karpal Singh,...
PKR was of course there, and it was hopeful because of it multi-racial membership, and it had amongst itself some key leaders who have championed issues like death in custody, the death penalty, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, environmental issues(like Lynas), etc..But sadly, that party did not receive much support...due to maybe its leadership style and its primary focus being the 'well being' of Anwar Ibrahim...Many leaders in that party as they began to get popular were got-rid off or sidelined...Chandra Muzzafar, Zainur Zakaria, Zaid Ibrahim, Khalid, Ezam, Surendran, ...and it has remained under the leadership of Anwar, his wife, his daughter...Between elections, branch membership seems to decline and sadly there was a lack of local programs...
Anyway, the Pakatan Harapan came into power...and there were many promises about reforms and change...repeal of bad laws...getting rid of Lynas...democracy...restoration of freedoms including freedom of assembly...association...removing restriction on university and college students' freedoms...GLC reforms...structural reforms...accountability and short CHANGE ('TUKAR')...but then, after coming into power...there has been PROCRASTINATIONS...and change in positions(the latest being the possible U-turn on Lynas...)...
True, there has been immediate investigations into financial malpractices of the previous government ...we saw the charging of Najib and many others on all kinds of allegations...but then there is no real changes...Laws and rules are not being tightened..

New government did not do away with political appointments...just started appointing 'their' people - even before adjusting the high salaries/allowances..or even creating reforms like annual audits by the Auditor General that will be made public of GLCs...and debated in Parliament..

So, the heads of kampungs/tamans/new villages/orang asli villages continue to be appointed by the government > not democratically chosen and elected by the people?

Local Council Elections - a major issue that DAP and PKR were fighting for...previously when BN ruled, their 'excuse' was that it could not be done before the Federal law was amended - now in power for more than a year, and still no attempt to amend that law and restore Local Council Elections, some in PH seems to prefer to keep 'political appointment' rather than elections...
Electoral Reforms - well, when PH candidates win in by-elections, allegations of breaches, over-spending, using of government resources...all seem to 'ignored'...Parliamentary boundaries are also not being re-drawn to ensure that each constituency have more or less equal voters... We know that 2-weeks campaigning period is just too short - and it makes it difficult for Malaysians overseas to return their ballot should be extended to at least 1 month...but look at campaign periods after PH came into power and appointed a new EC Chief and EC Commissioners?
UEC - well, the recognition never happened...UEC is a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT of civil society in Malaysia, they created a new education standard which is now recognized by many universities overseas as an entry requirement. {Most other standards like the A-level, SPM/STPM,...are government efforts...not non-government organizations.. Recognizing UEC was a simple small step...and it was important especially for the poor in Malaysia who simply could not afford to send their kids overseas to study...

Then, we have the U-Turn on Lynas - No license renewal unless the waste is removed from Malaysia - seem to now be changing to OK but must have a permanent disposal facility? It changed from sending Lynas away from Malaysia...
The list goes on...

Then, now the introduction of 'khat' - and art form of Arabic writing...just like Chinese caligraphy? Studying additional language is an asset to Malaysian students as it increases possibilities of further studies, work opportunities including the better chances of securing employment opportunities where knowledge of different language is an asset. Additional language also increases the advantage for business...So, if arabic was introduced, it may make better sense...In fact Malaysian students in primary schools should be taught Mandarin(spoken by about 2 billion), Hindi/Urdu)[spoken by about 2 billion], Spanish...etc > But khat, and art form? Malaysians had a good grasp of English - but today. it is in decline...How do workers even talk to employers, many of them do not speak Malay...? The Malaysian education system needs much reforms...and I may discuss this later... Wonder whether this 'khat issue' was to divert attention from the Lynas U-turn?

SOSMA not repealed yet... Detention Without Trial laws still there... Freedom of Assembly (a foolish amendment reducing the number of days notice is given to police - meaning still police has the power to control an exercise of this 'Human Right'....
Labour Reforms - well, still Bills being tabled - Why? Only Bill was about Minimum Housing Standards - but it makes workers pay for it, and the rent deducted from wages...? And only for the worker not their families? -  Worker's Housing Amendment - to help workers or Employers/Accomodation Providers? Not Free No Family?

Dissatisfaction in Pakatan Harapan is increasing with time...and most affected will be support for DAP... because the once advocate for justice and human rights ...seems to have lost its voice and commitment? Yes. they are in government - but even those MPs who are not in Cabinet have gone silent...including Kit Siang...
Will Pakatan Harapan move forward and bring about the changes that the people want? Failing which..

Has Lim Kit Siang also changed?

Kit Siang heckled in own constituency over khat issue 

Saturday, 10 Aug 2019 10:09 AM MYT

PETALING JAYA: DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang was seen heckled by the public over the khat issue during a Hungry Ghost Festival event in his constituency on Friday (Aug 9).

In two videos circulating on social media, Lim, who is the Iskandar Puteri MP, can be seen being shouted and booed at by the public.

In the first video, a man is heard shouting at Lim, "Are you still lying" while Lim is giving a speech.
Following this, the crowd starts to jeer at him.

In the second video, another man questions Lim but does not get a response as Lim just continues with his speech.

Online portal Malaysiakini reported that the function's organiser had claimed that Lim was booed at by locals as they were not happy over the khat issue.

The report also stated that Lim did not leave the event later over the jeering, but because he needed to attend another function.- Star, 10/8/2019

Angered by khat issue, Kit Siang's Johor constituents heckle him

Published:  |  Modified:
The khat issue continues to haunt DAP with even veteran leader Lim Kit Siang coming in for some rough treatment at a "Hungry Ghost Festival" event at his Iskandar Puteri constituency in Johor.

According to an organiser of the event, Lim was at the receiving end of some heckles and jeers from the crowd which numbered a few hundred.

Ng Siam Luang, special constituency representative to Lim Kit Siang said that in the course of his speech, the DAP MP decided to take the opportunity to explain the khat issue to the audience.

Based on brief video clips of the event, this did not go down well with members of the audience shouting "You still want to lie" and other such phrases to him.

"They also asked why the UEC qualification has not been recognised," Ng said adding that Lim's appearance had been a last-minute surprise.

Asked if Lim was booed, she answered "You know, the festival has always been a bit chaotic. Some of them took alcohol. There were people shouting and I feel some took the opportunity to spice up the issue."

The function's organiser, who asked not to be named, however, said that it happened, "[...] because local people are not happy about the issue of the proposed introduction of the khat script (into Bahasa Malaysia textbooks for Year 4 students in vernacular schools)."

"The mood on the ground over this issue is anger and there were also some MCA people there."

However, he emphasised that it was not a major incident and that Lim didn't leave the event because of it.

"He finished his speech and left because he had another function to attend, that's all," said the organiser who said he felt sorry that Lim had to experience being heckled.

Ng added that Lim will have a press conference tomorrow morning in Iskandar Puteri. - Malaysiakini, 10/8/2019

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