Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-19 - Will TM, Astro, CELCOM Delay in Bill payments - service cut? Government assurance needed?

We, now that the Movement Control Orders have been extended from end March to mid April, many are worried about their utility Bills, ASTRO, TM, CELCOM postpaid Bill, and other necessary payments that usually have to be paid by the end of the month or the 1st week of the next month...?

Many pay their Bills personally at Post Malaysia, TM, 7-11, etc and now we should all be staying home, and the worry whether by not paying in time, we may find that our phones, satellite TV, internet, etc will be disrupted.

What the Government should do is to assure the people that all outstanding monthly payments to be made during this control of movement period can be deferred, until the restrictions end and it will not impact our INTERNET, Telecommunications, ASTRO, etc ...Deadline for payments of these and other utility bills are deffered to  one month after the end of the control of movement orders..

The relevant CELCOM, ASTRO, TM, Bekalan Air, Indah Water, TNB must also give the assurance that there will be no service disruptions..

For those who rely on pre-paid phone/data service - what is the solution? Many, especially the poorer people in our community, just upload time to time or monthly to use their phone/internet > Well, the government need to think about the solution for this? Will the service providers provide automatic free phone/date during this control of movement period? Nobody should be denied access or ability to phone communication and/or internet at this time.

Late payment interests should also not be imposed..

There are other payment obligations like to the Local Councils, Land Office, etc --will be be penalized if we delay payment until end of this restriction period?

IF THE GOVERNMENT FAILS TO GIVE US THIS ASSURANCE, then many will move and make payments at payment points, i.e. Post Offices, TM, CELCOM, etc...

These DOUBTS need our government to tell us what to do?

Ministry of Health - should also advise people about the earlier concern - the monthly visits to government hospitals/clinics not to see the doctor BUT simply to collect our monthly supply of medicines...

Covid-19 - Thousands at risk when collecting monthly supplies of medicine from government clinics?

Early next month, I too have to face the COVID-19 risk, and go pay my Bills at Pos Malaysia...hope we get some government information about this..


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